Sunday December 15: Emmanuel


It is the third Sunday in Advent and the third Advent candle has been lit.
Sprite has been listening to Emmanuel

The Twitter Bird Carollers have come to sing outside the window, accompanied by some of the members of the Twitter Bird band, including Little Drummer Boy, Tweetil, who can be seen in action at

The Twitter Birds are also hoping to sell some of their Christmas albums ‘The time for the singing of birds is come – The Twitter birds sing traditional Christmas carols’ and ‘Twelve Tweeters Tweeting – an eclectic collection of Christmas songs’.
You can read about their Christmas albums and work on the puzzle of sorting the songs by following the link or scanning the QR code


October Creating Challenge

Each month I enjoy participating in the Creating Challenge set by the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Community

For the October challenge I splurged a whole $2 on a pack of finger paints on a sudden impulse and had a lovely back to childhood time puddling with them. I love the luminous colours and the textures!

But the Twitter birds consider that the Creating Challenge is THEIR activity and wanted to get involved!
As Lisa Lauffer commented:



The Twitter Birds liked the effects generated by my finger painting and had some ideas about how I had created them but were not quite sure how they could do it themselves.


They observed that I made the patterns by moving the paint around with my fingers and thought they could achieve similar effects by painting their feet and walking on the cardboard.


They discover a quicker method of walking through the paint in the roller tray but the Cleaning Crew became anxious that it could prove messy.


There was a suggestion from my friend Jennifer Grant that the birds could tip pots of paint onto a horizontal surface and scoot through it on their bottoms. Of course Tweetil thought that would be great fun. Retweet and the Cleaning Crew would not let him do it but I would not be surprised to find that he does try it sometime!

And there was a suggestion from brilliant quilter, Gail Blumengarten, to transfer it to fabric and have the Twitter Birds bring me yarn, string, ribbon, etc. scraps that they find and then entwine them all together.  This is being discussed by the Twitter Birds and could be tried soon.

I am not sure exactly how they did it in the end! Somehow the Twitter Birds commandeered some of my completed finger paintings and put their own (foot) marks on them. Then they invited the dignitaries to the showing and there were high fives and cheers of approval.


Spring is in the air 1

I am just now catching up with posting a series which should have been posted in September. It is the series of posts I created for the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Group Creating Challenge for September.

The Twitter Birds invite you to play Guess the Spring Phrase with them

Round One


The answers for Round One are Spring cleaning and Spring onions

Round Two



The answers for Round Two are Spring weather and A Spring in your step.

Round Three



The answers for Round Three are Diving Springboard and Paris in the Spring

Round Four



The answers for Round Four are Spring flowers and Mineral Spring water.



The Twitter Stream


An important aspect of education is preparing the students for their future careers and the work experience component of the Careers subject can give the students a taste of what it would be like to work in a particular field.
Sometimes if students have been given radical acceleration they are studying the Careers subject before they are legally old enough to participate in the work experience.

It is Work Experience Week at the Twitter Stream and both the Tweet family and the Promoted family have gone to show their tweetlets what work at the Twitter Stream entails. The tweetlets who are doing work experience are shown how to gather posts (tweets) from all the @posts and all the #hashtags and all the links and tip them into the Twitter Stream. They are told it does not matter whether the #hashtags were put in the upper case or in the lower case they are all to be tipped into the Twitter Stream.

Promoted and Trending are eager to show their tweetlets Promoted Jnr and Popular how celebrities and entrepreneurs use the Twitter Stream and what type of careers they could pursue using Twitter.

Tweetil and Tweetelle are not quite old enough to work and Tweet and Retweet are more interested in investigating the use of Twitter for developing a PLN for educational collaboration to assist them with their NEST Ed.
When they are asked what careers they would like to follow Tweetil usually says he wants to be a Leader of the Great Migrations and to play the drums or else to be a pirate and Tweetelle says she wants to be a famous artist or a caterpillar curator.
Great Aunt Hashtag used to work at the Twitter Stream. She is now retired and proudly displaying her long service golden hashtag hatpin.
She is keen for the tweetlets to follow in her steps and work at the Twitter Stream although she tells everyone quite stridently that work at the Twitter Stream is not what it was ‘in her day – what with all these new fangled ideas’.

Clean Up Complete


As you possibly know at the end of May Gifted Resources website suffered hacking caused by vulnerability to exploitation in WordPress, the platform for both Gifted Resources blog and Sprite’s Site blog.

Because of the problems the blogs now have new addresses
Gifted Resources Blog

Sprite’s Site Blog 

Sprite’s Site also has a completely independent Sprite’s New Site on the Edublogs platform at

It means that we lost the blog internal links and I had to edit all the posts on both blogs to restore broken links. Gifted Resources blog with only 50 plus posts was repaired fairly quickly but Sprite’s Site which celebrated its fourth birthday in June had over 600 posts and took much longer to clean up.

It also had a flow on effect to links to the blogs which I gave during webinars, Twitter chats and included in previous newsletters. These will probably not be remedied.

I would like to (again) thank all the wonderful techie people who gave advice and helped to sort it out. A huge thank you to Jamie Tarling, my techie guru, who spent many hours working on the problem!
And also thanks to William Grant, Rick Freitag, Phil Hart and Jo Hart for more tech helpful pointers and to all the friends who checked progress for me and kept me feeling encouraged especially Hilde Buys from Denmark, Mary St George from NZ and Lisa Conrad from USA

And I would also like to thank the Twitter birds who worked tirelessly to clean up Sprite’s Site and produce the correct links.

If you have bookmarked the blogs or included them in your blogroll please update your bookmarks.

Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 14: Stories 3 Twitter Bird Tales



“I thought we had already talked about the Twitter Birds” said Sprite
“Well yes, but you have not discussed the main storylines concerning the Tweet Family and the Psych-Owl-Ogist in sufficient depth” replied P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle, who had arrived to make a final inspection of Sprite’s Site entry in the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2013 competition


The Tweet Family stories began with the marriage of Tweet and Retweet in August 2011

In February 2012 Retweet laid a blue egg and a pink egg and in March 2012 the tweetlets, Tweetil and Tweetelle, hatched.


By late March the tweetlets were demonstrating characteristics often
associated with giftedness in early childhood and the story described parenting
issues and differences of opinion with Great Aunt Hashtag
Then came a series of tales about asynchronous development as the Tweet family commenced Flight School

The Psych-Owl-Ogist was consulted and we learned about characteristics of giftedness and social/emotional aspects

Next came the discussions involved in finding the right flock for the tweetlets
and the decision to continue with Nest Ed and the challenges associated with that choice
“And talking about Twitter Birds reminds me to tell you I would like to see you put a Twitter button and a Facebook button in the sidebar of the blog” said Parfait.


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Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 5: Interaction with Twitter



Sprite’s Site has a close connection with the social media Twitter and the iconic Twitter birds.

My Twitter handle is @jofrei

Naturally I use Twitter to receive and share information, to socialise, give and receive encouragement and to announce my blog posts.
I enjoy participating in Twitter chats particularly #gtchat and many of the posts on Sprite’s Site are related to #gtchat


Posts tagged with Twitter can be found at

Posts tagged with gtchat can be found at

Blog posts on Sprite’s Site have been used for #gtchat discussion starters or contributions such as the experiences of the Tweet family at  for introducing the chat session Coping when extended family doesn’t get giftedness
Sprite on the topic of homework for The Homework Dilemma

Sprite’s Site posts are quite often referenced in post chat write-ups on the Global GT Chat Powered by TAGT Blog

Sometimes Sprite’s Site posts are picked up by creators such as

Kim McNeill Gifted kids and Parents

Sonia Dabboussi   Gifted Success  


The Twitter Birds are also characters on Spite’s Site

The Twitter bird images were adapted from birds in a set of free Twitter Bird icons available at
The Twitter birds play an active part in the blog by bringing links of interesting websites and holding their own events such as weddings
going A-MAY-ing
and participating in creating challenges

Twitter Bird Bowers have been set up on Sprite’s Site to house the 100 plus musicians, poets, scientists and pirates
And during the 2012 Olympics Un-Olympics Bowers were also added to Sprite’s Site

We witnessed the wedding of Tweet and Retweet and are now following the story of The Tweet family and their gifted Tweetlets, Tweetil and Tweetelle, and their Great Aunt Hashtag.
The stories have covered subjects such as  parenting, giftedness issues, choosing schools, homeschooling and consultations with the Psych-Owl-Ogist

For the collection of posts relating to the Twitter Birds see


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