Critical Thinking

I had returned from a #gtchat session on Twitter about Critical Thinking and was looking forward to reading the transcript which will be posted soon at  Much helpful advice and many useful links were shared during the chat and also some light hearted joking like this

 I found Sprite trying to finish her homework with “help” from Intellectual and Imaginational Dabrowski.
As Serendipity would have it her homework involved reading the chapter about brain function, then writing an essay about it and drawing a picture or chart to illustrate it.
Intellectual had suggested that she should  stick some pictures on her whiteboard and make notes about the various areas to help her with writing the essay and creating a chart.
Much to Intellectual’s frustration, Imaginational had insisted on doing the fun bit first and was suggesting the form her illustration should take.
This is the diagram Sprite drew with the help of Imaginational.



“See” said Sprite “This is my Thinkatorium. Twitter Birds bring stuff in and I see stuff with my eyes and hear stuff with my ears and then it all gets put on conveyor belts which are on cogs that are turned by hamsters in hamster wheels and they get sent to the Language Garden to be sorted out into the subjects they are about and then the Memory Elephant files them somewhere in the filing cabinets and if I have told the Memory Elephant enough about them they can be found again. Otherwise I can’t find them when I need them later.”

Intellectual sighed! “Let’s apply some Critical Thinking to this” he barked “Bearing in mind that you are required to write a factual essay and provide an accurate factual illustration, can you see any inconsistencies between what you just read about how the brain functions and the picture that Imaginational helped you to draw?”

“Oh, incidentally, I do approve of your use of the word Thinkatorium” added Intellectual “ I checked your sources and I found that there is an excellent wiki of the same name at Thinkatorium  and that Dr Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory also used the term
I hope you are going to cite the sources of your quote properly!”

“I didn’t know I was quoting!” wailed Sprite “I thought Imaginational invented it!”