Filing memories

Sprite learnt a valuable lesson about her part in her own learning this week.
When she returned from visiting Meredith and Merebith she was angry with her Memory Elephant for not creating files and folders where her memories could be filed and easily found when needed.
I found her scolding the Memory Elephant and demanding to know why the elephant had not put any of her memories in files or folders.
I reminded her that Starjump Starfish,  Maxine Cowie  had advised her  in a response that she should create images of files and folders in her mind in order to file and be able to retrieve her memories and instructed her to contact her again; but Sprite had never actually taken the step of creating files.
The Memory Elephant was looking most aggrieved! “I tried to tell her that I can only put the memories in files and folders if Sprite tells me where they have to go! She has to be responsible for setting up the files and telling me where to put all the different memories if she wants to find them again! If I just file them for her without her even thinking about it, she will never know where to find anything! A Memory Elephant can only do so much, you know!”

Is there a Dimmer Switch for the Memory Elephant? 2

Dear Starjump Starfish

I did try to design a Dimmer Switch for the Memory Elephant. I tied his trunk in a knot so he would not be able to smell as well and I put a volume control slider on him for his trumpet.
This is what it looked like

But it upset Emotional, the Dabrowski dog. She said it was cruel and wrong to dampen down senses and emotions and the she would report me to the R.S.P.C.M.E. (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Memory Elephants)

And it didn’t really work properly anyway. So I put the Memory Elephant back to the default settings.

Then the Memory Elephant was so happy he went on a creativity retrieval binge and kept me awake all night. That is the circles, bubbles, balloons series.  Apparently there will be a triangles and pyramids series coming soon.

Sincerely Sprite


Advice from Starjump Starfish 2

Sprite had also received this comment in a Comment Boxfrom Starjump Starfish, Maxine Cowie:

You need a dimmer switch? Hmmm, so do I! But I haven’t been able to find a dimmer switch. Are you sure you want a dimmer switch? If you dim down all the nasty things you see and feel, you will also dim down all the fantastic things you see and feel. Do you really want to be dimmer?

Advice from Starjump Starfish

I need not have worried that Sprite had completely given up on studying for the history exam. I found that she had received a reply from Starjump Starfish, Maxine Cowie  in the Comments Box and was trying to implement the advice she had been given

Starjump Starfish said:
You’ve had a lovely time, Sprite, avoiding your history notes. Visiting Mrs. P and listening to stories, and reading Stephanie Tolan’s Change your story…. Fantastic. You know why? Because Stephanie is right. Did you know, if you have a picture in your mind that makes you feel no good, try changing the picture and see what happens.

Now about the history notes. I guess when you were in class you didn’t know how to put the information into your memory elephant. No wonder the memory elephant said he doesn’t have them.

OK next time you are in class, and your teacher is talking about something you have to remember, why don’t you try building one of Jo’s fantastic mind maps with pictures, and colours, and words and lines and anything else that you can draw onto your whiteboard to help you remember. Take what she is saying and be creative with how you record it on the whiteboard in your mind. I’ll guarantee your memory elephant will be able to find it for you when you need it.
PS Don’t forget to visualize the picture that you draw on your whiteboard. You might even want to put that picture into a special history box in your mind… There you go… see what you can do with that and get back to me.

Memory Elephant in Overdrive 3

Dear Starjump Starfish
I have found the Mind Map which could be the key to all my memories!
It is the Feetspeak:2E Shoes Quest Map which is the overview of the Feetspeak program. It has signposts and little pictures on it to show all the milestones on the journey.
I have given the Memory Elephant a telescope and we will be able to focus on the different memories one by one.
Maybe I will find my History notes hidden along the Teaching Strategies Road.
Sincerely Sprite


Memory elephant and whiteboard

“Look Starjump Starfish! I have been able to retrieve the Sydney photos. The Memory Elephant was playing with balls and stars full of Sydney photos made in Shape Collage Free photo collage maker
So I asked the giraffe to help me untangle the pictures and stick them up individually on the white board.
This is really great I can get the Memory Elephant to write all the stuff I need to know for the exams on the whiteboard in my brain.
Thanks Starjump Starfish!

Sincerely, Sprite.

You have the elephant memory yourself!

Starjump Starfish sent this piece of valuable advice to Sprite via the Comments box

“Hey Sprite, Starjump Starfish here! You’re the one with the elephant memory!
Sounds like you need a big feed of VSL straw to chew on Sprite. A bucket full of freshly cut hay to get the memory juices flowing. VSL straw will definitely help you digest and download what’s on the elephant memory stick…. And you won’t need to try and squeeze your memory elephant USB into a squishy squashy little square on the side of your computer… Hey why don’t you kick the straw bucket around a bit too…. That will help. It’ll loosen you up so you can download the important bits from your memory elephant. ….Like the snaps of Sydney…. Download them onto your very own interactive white board in your mind… you can play with everything you download there. Ask the elephant to write on on it with a whiteboard marker Turn it around, look at it upside down, colour it, organize it in a way that even a giraffe could understand. It’s fun too because if you have an interactive white board in your mind to play with you’ll discover you actually have an elephant memory yourself.”

Hearing the starfish

“I can hear the sea when I hold this shell to my ear’” I said. I was trying to play the imagination game with Sprite.
“No you can’t! she said “And it is not an echo of the blood flowing in your ears either. I looked it up on How stuff works and this is what it said –

The most likely explanation for the wave-like noise is ambient noise from around you. The seashell that you are holding just slightly above your ear captures this noise, which resonates inside the shell. The size and shape of the shell therefore has some effect on the sound you hear. Different shells sound different because different shells accentuate different frequencies. You don’t even need the seashell to hear the noise. You can produce the same “ocean” sound using an empty cup or even by cupping your hand over your ear.”

“But when I hold the Cowie Starjump Starfish to my ear I really do hear it talking to me!” Sprite claimed

It was then I noticed the poster on the wall. It was a flyer about Maxine Cowie’s Starjump for Visual Spatial Learners Unlocking Literacy program