Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 4: Interaction with other blogs and blog tours



Sprite is keen to demonstrate the interaction that Sprite’s Site has with other blogs by participating in blog tours, leaving and receiving comments and mentions and inclusion in blogrolls.

Last August I received an email telling me that I needed to either close my other blog, Gifted Resources blog  or update it to the newer format. I had neglected that blog as all my blogging energy has been poured into Sprite’s Site for the last few years.

My tech guru, Jamie Tarling, put in a lot of work to update the blog and transfer old posts into it. It was exciting to see the possible formats and themes on offer for the updated version. The picture in the blog header changes randomly from a selection of Gifted Resources pictures at each page refresh.

It meant that I was now ‘two-blog lady’ and had to divide my time between the two blogs. You can read about the reactions of the Sprite’s Site characters here

Here is a round up of the posts on Spite’s Site and Gifted Resources blog during 2012

Sprite’s Site participated in blog tours, blog hops, blogathons etc including


Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon


What Seth Godin Doesn’t Understand about Gifted People  – Answers to a blog post by Seth Godin organised by the Facebook group Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Bloggers Group
What Seth Godin Doesn’t Understand about Gifted People: Goes the other way? I think not!

What Seth Godin Doesn’t Understand about Gifted People: Goes the other way? I think not! 2


NZ Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tours

New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week

In 2012 I answered the call for posts and filled in TBA (To Be Advised) as the proposed topic for the post. I will be careful not to make that mistake again; as having said I would write about TBA I felt obligated to do so and ended up writing a series with a total of 7 posts for the blog tour.


Gifted Awareness Week Namibia
The post Namibia, cheetahs and gifted students  was written at the invitation of Roya Klingner from the Global Center for Gifted Education as a part of Gifted Education Awareness Week in Namibia.

2E Dansk

Hilde Buys from Denmark picked up my post Reading to dogs and commented on it on her 2E Dansk blog
in a post titled ‘Læsning til hunden med Sprite og 2e-footsteps’  at
I wrote about Sprite’s visit to Denmark  at


A set of posters about Creativity was created for
International Week of Giftedness 2012/International Year of Giftedness and Creativity 2013 blogtour at

Inclusion in Blogrolls and mentions in posts on blogs and commenting on blog posts.

Sprite’s Site enjoys excellent relations with many blogs and provides commentary and links to posts on them and is quoted and linked to in their posts.
Some of the main blogs which Sprite connects with are:


Jo Hart’s E-verything blog

Lisa Conrad’s Gifted Parenting Support

Global #gtchat powered by TAGT blog


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Digital Badges 4

These are the badges I received as a result of the recent Digital Badges course with Peter Rawsthorne
overview at and forums at

The Participant Badge
Participant introduced themselves to the group via the discussion forum and actively contributes to 7 of the 12 primary discussion threads, also participates in one of the two lunch-and-learn sessions.

The Contributor Badge
Contributor does everything the participant does with the addition of contributing;
1. by designing badge images
2. creating a badge system design for another curriculum
3. blogs about their participation in this seminar series
4. other creative endeavours regarding digital badges

“Are you going to display them in the sidebar of the blog?” asked Sprite.

“Maybe, if I can work out how to embed them” I said. “But more likely I will leave them here in this post about Digital Badges.”

“We need a display case” said Sprite “We have the badges for Nomination for the Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs in the blog sidebar to remind us of the posts about our campaigns in 2011 and 2012.”

Best Australian Blogs 2012

Best Australian Blogs 2011

“And I think we have other badges that are included with posts but are not in the sidebar. The Memory Elephant would know!”

The Memory Elephant searched through the archives of the blog and found several badges with posts which were part of a blog tour or reflections on global conferences. Tweetil brought his newly earned Little Drummer Boy Badge and Tweetelle brought her Peacock Preening Badge to show us.

Here are the badges the Memory Elephant found

Fine Focus webinars

Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon

New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week

International Week of Giftedness 2012/International Year of Giftedness and Creativity 2013 blogtour at

Global Education Conference

Reform Symposium

The Sketchbook Challenge

Delta Dog

“I think you must be very brave” Sprite told me
“Why do you think that?” I asked
“Because you still hang around with Imaginational Dabrowski even now you are a grown –up!”

“Imaginational asked me if I wanted him to go away now that my homework is all serious stuff and I have to get all the facts right and spell it all properly and cite all the references in the correct manner.

And I remembered what Sir Ken Robinson said about children being creative and imaginative but then they usually grow out if it when they get to school

But I said I didn’t want Imaginational to go because I really love him – he’s cute and funny and he makes me feel as if exciting things are possible.”

Intellectual was pacing up and down saying “I am the Alpha Dog! I am the one who is the most obviously recognized as being the gifted one. So Sprite needs to do things my way and stop hanging out with Imaginational.
Psycho-Motor could be the Alpha Dog if he put his mind to it. He is strong and quick and usually knows the right answer but he just isn’t focused enough and he doesn’t demonstrate the steps in his thinking. If Sprite follows him, he will lead her astray”

Sensual sat and scratched his head. He was feeling underestimated again and thinking that without his heightened awareness of sights and sounds and scents contributing to the data Intellectual would not be nearly as effective. He did not really want to be the Alpha Dog but he did want to be acknowledged!

Emotional sat and howled. She respected the ability of Intellectual and Psycho Motor and loved the creativity of Imaginational and she empathised with Sensual and knew that the sensations he felt always moved her to happiness or sadness and stimulated complex emotions such as anxiety, guilt, pride and patriotism. And she howled because she did not like arguments.

“Who do you think should be the Alpha Dog?” Sprite asked me.

“Well,” I said “They are all very important but I would like to point out that Lesley Sword calls Emotional Intensity the Energy that Drives the Gifted Intellect

And Dr Linda Silverman in her article Dabrowski’s Theory rates Emotional as “perhaps most important of the overexcitabilities”

“So I say long live Emotional – our gracious Drama Queen!”

“I don’t want to be the Alpha Dog” said Imaginational “I am happy to be Delta Dog, the hang gliding super hero, who swoops in to show you a humorous or creative alternative when Intellectual gets too boring or pompous”

“Why are you called Delta Dog?” asked Sprite.

“Because Delta isn’t first and top of the pile like Alpha but it is used to represent the degree of change – you know like Acceleration = delta velocity / delta time. I see how things can be changed.  Also I have a delta wing glider so you can hang out with me whenever you want”.

“I’m so glad I said Imaginational didn’t have to go away” said Sprite.

“Me too!” I said.

Beyond our Ken – Sprite tries to fathom the nature of creativity Part 2

This is an entry in the Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon.
Details of the blogathon and videos of Sir Ken Robinson speaking on creativity can be found on Joe Bower’s For the love of learning blog at

The topics of last week’s  #gtchat sessions were Big Choices: Accelerate/School Change/Homeschool” and Differentiation
I had read the Iowa Acceleration Scales in preparation and highlighted the sections that stated that the presence of a learning disability alone did not necessarily mean acceleration should be refused to a twice exceptional gifted student.

We had a very fast moving and interesting discussion and many useful website links were shared. We talked about the choices parents face when trying to find suitable education options for their gifted students. You can read the transcript of the session here

We discussed the merits of the freedom home schooling gives to work at the required level for each subject and to move as fast or slowly as needed through the material and the freedom to entertain creative unconventional thinking  but concluded that home schooling was not an ideal solution for all families.

One of the links which was shared was an Ask Sir Ken Robinson video in which he shares some thoughts in response to this question on Twitter from @CrankParent:

“What are your thoughts on home education and how that model can be applied to schools?”

As I was watching the video Sprite was packing for her return to school after the long summer holidays and debating with Intellectual Dabrowski and Imaginational Dabrowski about which of them should accompany her to school.

“I should take Intellectual because he is really helpful in maths and science and history and geography classes but he can get a bit tedious and he always wants me to do more writing and to check everything twice. Imaginational is more fun and is sometimes helpful for English and Art” Sprite was saying.

“I thought you were not allowed to take any dogs” I said.

“We are not allowed to take any dogs but the over excitable Dabrowski dogs just tag along with me anyway” Sprite said

“The teacher doesn’t mind Intellectual. He sits under the desk where nobody can see him. I only get into trouble if he wants me to argue with the teacher or to answer every question. Then the teacher says ’Can anyone apart from Sprite tell me ‘or ‘I know you know, Sprite – does anyone else know? Or’ ‘Put your hand down Sprite!’

But all the others often get me in trouble.  Emotional and Sensual sit under the desk too. Emotional gets upset if we learn about sad things or if someone is not playing fairly and then, if I react, the kids laugh and tease me. Sensual makes me feel all itchy and anxious. He does not like it if the room is too noisy and he does not like the fluorescent lights flickering.

Imaginational and Psycho Motor both stay outside. I can see them through the window. Imaginational pretends to be a lamb or floats around in a hot air balloon and I get in trouble for watching him. Psycho Motor bounces up and down as if he is on a trampoline – now you see him – now you don’t – now you see him. It makes me want to go out and bounce with him!

“If you homeschooled me I could have all the Dabrowski dogs with me all the time!” said Sprite

Beyond our Ken – Sprite tries to fathom the nature of creativity

This is my first entry in the Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon.
Details of the blogathon and videos of Sir Ken Robinson speaking on creativity can be found on Joe Bower’s For the love of learning blog at

Like so many children, Sprite  often has unexpected observations and insights to contribute to discussions; so I decided to ask her opinion on the videos before writing my blog post.

This post  is  the transcript of  part of our conversation. (I hope to write other posts on this theme also)

Sprite: Am I creative?
Me: Yes, you can be very creative at times. (Mentally I added – Take as an example some of your excuses for not handing in your homework!
Sprite: Are you creative?
Me: I like to think I am.
Sprite:  But Sir Ken Robinson said children are creative and then they grow out of it – so does that mean you are childish?
Me: Probably.

Sprite: Why am I creative?
I resisted the urge to say “because I created you as a creative character” because I was afraid that would take us back to the ‘where did I come from?’ (See and
I could see a conversation comparing the cartoon picture of Sir Ken to the real Sir Ken in the videos looming.

So instead I opted for deflecting attention to the influence of Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities, particularly the Imaginational.
Me: Probably because you spend so much time with Imaginational Dabrowski!
Sprite: Do you spend time with Imaginational Dabrowski too?
Me: Yes

Sprite: We are not allowed to take dogs to school. When Mary’s dog followed her to school they rang Mary’s mother and said to come and get him and take him home. So Imaginational Dabrowski hides just outside the window. Sometimes he pretends he is a lamb and sometimes he flies around in a hot air balloon.
But I get in trouble if I watch him too long. The teacher says “Earth to Sprite – come in Sprite!”