A Cruise on the good ship Asynchronicity

The regular #gtchat sessions will not be held this week but the #gtstoogies will be holding a Happy Hour during the timeslot of the second session (7.00pm EST Friday or 11.00 am Saturday for Victorian and NSW Australians)

We will use the Happy Hour to discuss plans for a virtual cruise on the good ship Asynchronicity. When we first talked about this in a bit of fun during #gtchat we were thinking how good it would be to sail away as a group of people with a common interest in the health, welfare and education of gifted students to a beautiful location such as the Caribbean. Somehow Pirates of the Caribbean was mentioned and the exercise took on a pirate theme.

But when you get a group of imaginative, creative, gifted people together there are bound to be many interpretations of what would constitute the ideal cruise, what its destination should be and what places to visit en route. Even the design of the ship could be debated.

The name of the ship is Asynchronicity to honour the gifts and delights as well as the challenges that Asynchronous Development brings to gifted people especially children.

As an example of asynchrony the picture of the galleon on the wall beside the map of the Caribbean is a copy of a picture drawn by our youngest son when he was six which was published in Vision, the journal of the VAGTC.

As it is to be a virtual cruise we can travel to literal, fictional, mythical or allegorical places. The journey is only limited by the thoughts and imaginations of the travellers.

The table in the #gtstoogies lobby still displays the poster for the film Pirates of the Caribbean and the Shelfari bookshelf has a display of books about sea journeys and pirates.

A Wallwisher page has been set at http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/asynchronicity  where people can add their thoughts about what our ship should look like and where the cruise should go.

Drawing on literature and mythology we could adventure with Jason and the Argonauts or travel to the glassy sea at the end of the world with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Allegorical maps could show us a journey along Gagne’s DMGT road from innate giftedness to fully developed talent or take us on the Feetspeak Quest to attempt to find an ideal education.

Imagination could add wings, a hot air balloon, a time MELD or even a rocket propulsion system to our ship.

The whales and the stars are calling to us – where will the journey take us?

Pirate Party

Several of the #gtstoogies have celebrated birthdays during this week so we have decided to hold a Pirate theme party after #gtchat.
The Twitter Birds and Dabrowski dogs are already enjoying the festivities. The Dabrowski dogs are playing Paaass the Paaarrcel -except Psycho Motor who is apple bobbing.
P’est Pour Parfait, the perfectionistic poodle, is watching the game; not willing to join in because he has just been to the Paws for Poise Parlour for a lavendar lather special treatment and does not want to risk getting even a single hair out of place.
Watching him, I am reminded again of his similarity to Leaping Attack  Black Dog when the latter attended Sprite’s P Party. Perfectionism is indeed a two edged sword.
Dr Linda Silverman believes that perfectionism needs to be appreciated as a two-edged sword that has the potential for propelling an individual toward unparalleled greatness or plummeting one into despair. The secret to harnessing its energy is to appreciate its positive force, learn how to set priorities and to avoid imposing one’s own high standards on others.

Instead of pin the tail we will be playing the  rum barrel navigation game. There are two variations of the game. In one version one participant stands blindfolded on top of the upright barrel and has to draw  a path on a map on the wall guided by shouted instructions from the rest of the team. In the other version one participant stands on the barrel which is on its side and attempts to mavouveur the barrel through a set course.
For supper there is a pirate ship Birthday cake and rum balls.

On the other table you can see a poster for the film, Pirates of the Caribbean, which is playing in the Deborah Mersino theatre as preparation and research material for the #gtchat and #gtstoogies Pirate Cruise.  More news about this soon!

This week on #gtchat…

Exciting news is posted on the bulletin board in the lobby. This week Dr Susan Assouline, Associate Director of The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa http://www.education.uiowa.edu/belinblank/Default.aspx will be will be a Guest Expert on the early session of #gtchat The topic of discussion will be STEM.
Click on the board so that you can see an enlargement and read it more easily.
Also on the bulletin board you can see a flyer for the Webinar series conducted by Belin Blank http://www.education.uiowa.edu/belinblank/programs/educators/webinar/Default.aspx
There is also a sticker from Talk like a Pirate Day which will be held in September.

On the table you can see a poster for the film, Pirates of the Caribbean, which is playing in the Deborah Mersino theatre as preparation and research material for the #gtchat and #gtstoogies Pirate Cruise.  More news about this soon!