Digital Badges 4

These are the badges I received as a result of the recent Digital Badges course with Peter Rawsthorne
overview at and forums at

The Participant Badge
Participant introduced themselves to the group via the discussion forum and actively contributes to 7 of the 12 primary discussion threads, also participates in one of the two lunch-and-learn sessions.

The Contributor Badge
Contributor does everything the participant does with the addition of contributing;
1. by designing badge images
2. creating a badge system design for another curriculum
3. blogs about their participation in this seminar series
4. other creative endeavours regarding digital badges

“Are you going to display them in the sidebar of the blog?” asked Sprite.

“Maybe, if I can work out how to embed them” I said. “But more likely I will leave them here in this post about Digital Badges.”

“We need a display case” said Sprite “We have the badges for Nomination for the Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs in the blog sidebar to remind us of the posts about our campaigns in 2011 and 2012.”

Best Australian Blogs 2012

Best Australian Blogs 2011

“And I think we have other badges that are included with posts but are not in the sidebar. The Memory Elephant would know!”

The Memory Elephant searched through the archives of the blog and found several badges with posts which were part of a blog tour or reflections on global conferences. Tweetil brought his newly earned Little Drummer Boy Badge and Tweetelle brought her Peacock Preening Badge to show us.

Here are the badges the Memory Elephant found

Fine Focus webinars

Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon

New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week

International Week of Giftedness 2012/International Year of Giftedness and Creativity 2013 blogtour at

Global Education Conference

Reform Symposium

The Sketchbook Challenge

Digital Badges

“Wow! Do you have homework too?” asked Sprite. “I thought there wouldn’t be any more homework when you grew up and finished with school”

Sprite is a 2E Twice Exceptional student – she is exceptionally gifted but with learning differences and disabilities which make it hard for her to demonstrate her knowledge and make her studies an exhausting experience for her.
She has a great thirst for knowledge and gathers so much by osmosis and intuition. She loves doing the research but hates writing the essay about it!
And she really hates doing homework! She tries pushing her homework sheets or her computer mouse into the mouse house, convoluted arguments about when the work is due and creative minimalization to get out of doing her homework.

“You don’t stop learning when you leave school” I said “I enjoy attending lectures and webinars and online courses and some of them involve homework. (If you click on the picture you can see an enlargement and read what my homework entails.)
And school is not the only place for you to learn – often you can gain knowledge and learn skills through experience and by contact with wise people.
In this course I am learning about digital badges and how they can be used to accredit and acknowledge learning and experience which might not be part of a regular school curriculum.

It is a two week course Digital Badges with Peter Rawsthorne
The Course overview is found at

And there are forums at

There is a Twitter hashtag for discussion at #digitalbadges

Of course the five over excitable Dabrowski Dogs had gathered around to listen to and comment on our conversation.

“I’m very proud of the blue ribbon I won for Dog with the Most Expressive Face!” said Emotional.

“That is an example of a real world badge” I said “We did discuss those as an introduction. But the main emphasis of the course will be on Digital Badges and how to earn them and how to create them.”

“If I book for my Paws for Poise cyber dog grooming parlour appointment online I get a badge after each visit and when I have had five appointments I get a free Lavender Lathers treatment” said Sensual “Is that the sort of thing you mean?”

“And you can go places and record it on Foursquare with your mobile phone and you can get free cups of coffee or become the mayor of the place!” chimed in Psycho Motor between bounces.

Predictably Intellectual was not very impressed with those suggestions.
“More to the point you can earn badges for studying subjects with Purdue University
or Khan Academy
or by contributing to Wikipedia

Have a look at
Mozilla Open badges
You can create a collection of your badges which you can then use in your resume or e-portfolio or on your blog.
You can also read about it at Sandbox
and at Google Groups Open Badges forum!forum/openbadges

“I am hoping to earn some badges by participating in this course and completing the exercises and writing blog posts about it” I said.

Imaginational was quick to see the value of the digital badges and the possibility for receiving credit for studies and experiences not usually part of a regular school curriculum.
“Sprite could get credit for her astronomy experiences and study which she could include in an e-portfolio or resume and could help her get into a course or even help her get a job later.”

“Yes, but what about the things I do that nobody would think of as a subject?” asked Sprite “Could I get a badge for organising marches or for giving lectures about De Bono’s 6 Action shoes?”

“I guess we will find out next week during the second webinar” I said.

“Well you need to go and try to get some badges and write up the experience and write about the data structure of the badge and whether it is in an hierarchy” barked Intellectual ” What you have written so far is all very nice but it doesn’t really fit the exercise criteria as set!”