Utopian Restoration

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

“This is a task for Delta Dog!” declared the idealist Imaginational Dabrowski.
“Here comes Delta Dog swooping in with utopian ideals, creative ideas and humorous ideation to save the safety, sanity and sense of Sprite and her friends at Sprite’s Site!”

Imaginational was concerned about the less than ideal atmosphere at Sprite’s Site recently and was determined to do something to lighten the mood.

He tried standing on his head and making silly faces but nobody laughed and Intellectual said “Oh, do be sensible! Can’t you see we have serious worries?”

So Imaginational sat down with his trusty mind map to brainstorm the causes of the glum moods and anxiety.

He identified the problems as:

  • Anxiety caused by Little Bully Black Dog and the Pair O’Noids
  • Subject matter in the World History topic Sprite was studying
  • The books in Intellectual’s pile of suggested reading
  • The approaching elections
  • Issues surrounding the extent of personal responsibility for situations not within Sprite’s direct control

By drawing in the connecting lines Imaginational could see that all the causes of the gloom were inter-related.

So he started to think about which of the causes could be eliminated or changed


Imaginational was happy to find that there were several things which could be changed. One change was already imminent. Next term the Social Studies unit which Sprite will be studying will be concerned with Geography rather than grim World History.
Imaginational could foresee that Sprite would be very interested in studying landforms and places such as Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Next Imaginational asked Paula the Physicist, Sprite’s mentor, to come with him to visit Sprite and to bring some interesting books to lend to her to provide some alternative reading.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Paula brought some beautifully illustrated books about astronomy and biology for Sprite to borrow and a gift of an adult colouring book on the theme of art and mathematics and patterns found in nature.

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

She also organised for Sprite to spend some time with her in the laboratory looking at ripple tank experiments into the properties of light.

Watching the circles of waves which went out from the sources and the way they interacted with each other and with differing water levels was not only fascinating.
It also led to an interesting discussion about the nature of light and then to a philosophical discussion about the influence a single small spark of goodness or a random act of kindness could have spreading effects in a seemingly dark and wicked world.


Donkeys live a long time 6


“Can we PLEASE get back to talking about Orwell’s Animal Farm now?” Sprite demanded. “I’m still worried about it.”

“I can’t see why she should be worried about it” stated Intellectual Dabrowski. “I made her read several study guides about the book. She understands the plot and the characters and the historical allegories.
If she is worried about it, I blame Imaginational!
He must have told her to imagine what it would be like to live in the story.”

The Memory Elephant had produced the mind map showing our blog posts about the discussions of the book and Wistful Black Dog was sitting nearby ready to comment about the failings of the past. The Pair O’Noids were tutting over the newspaper which had upset Sprite. Boxer and Clover and the chickens seemed to have moved in as residents of Sprite’s Site. And Psycho Motor Dabrowski was bouncing up and down barking distractingly that I must remember to write posts for upcoming Blog Hops.

“So, what is worrying you about Animal Farm?” I asked.

“Well,” said Sprite “I was wondering whether the individual citizens of a country are guilty of all the bad things that the leaders of their country do. As far as I can see the people vote for the person they want to represent them. So they are all responsible for putting people into a leadership position.

But children are not permitted to vote – so are children responsible for what leaders do?

And also, people choose who they want to vote for by comparing the promises the candidates make. But then, I read in the paper that politicians don’t always keep the promises they make. So people who voted for them are not getting the type of leaders they wanted. So are they still responsible for the bad things these leaders do?

And, if you don’t like what the leaders do, what can you do about it?”

“Knock, knock!” interrupted Psycho Motor
“Who’s there?” I asked dutifully
“It’s Interrupting Dog – just ignore him!” said Intellectual.
“Interrupting Dog Who?” asked Sprite.
“Oh, for Heaven’s sake, ignore him, Sprite!” growled Intellectual. “You have to stop distracting her, Psycho Motor!”
“Actually I am Interrupting Dog calling attention to the fact that Jo needs to write her post about ‘Gifted – How?’ for the Hoagies September Blog hop by tomorrow.


“Thank you, Psycho Motor! Sorry everyone I have to go now” I said, thinking to myself that at least I was gaining a bit of thinking time to consider issues relating to politics and personal responsibility.