Gifted Awareness Week Australia 2016



This week 13 – 19 March 2016 it is Gifted Awareness Week in Australia
For details of the events for the week see the AAEGT website page at

The folk at Sprite’s Site are celebrating by holding a rally together with the Persona Dolls from the Personas, Profiles and Portraits blog.
The Persona Dolls will be holding their own tea party after the rally.
Recently the Persona Dolls participated in a presentation given by Jo Freitag for the OZ eLive webinar conference.
Gifted Awareness Week was mentioned during the webinar and also resources for Cultural Diversity Week 12-20 March 2016  and Harmony Day

A recording of the session can be viewed at

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Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

“Where on Earth have you been?” Sprite demanded “You haven’t been here since last month and I was getting worried.”

“I have been preparing a presentation for the OzeLive online conference next weekend” I said


“Also Australia is celebrating its first Gifted Awareness Week in March so I have been compiling a special edition of the Gifted Resources newsletter”
For details of the events of Gifted Awareness week


“Well you missed out on participating in the Hoagies Gifted February Blog Hop about Testing” Sprite said “Retweet said it was really excellent. You should go and read all the posts at           

“I thought maybe you were spending all your time with Sprite Doll and had forgotten about me”

“Actually” I said “I have been spending time with a whole set of dolls”.
I have made a set of six three foot tall dolls representing the profiles of gifted students in Neihart and Betts Revised Profiles of the Gifted and Talented. 

And I have created a new blog about the persona dolls at

Photos Jo Freitag

Photos Jo Freitag

For the set of persona dolls I had to make a second version of the Sprite doll.
None of the dolls in the set have faces so that they can represent the aspect of giftedness without also showing any racial or ethnic characteristics. The first version of Sprite had an embroidered face and she was not in the same scale as the other dolls in the set.

Photo Jo Freitag

Photo Jo Freitag

”Wow!” said Sprite.” A Doll of a Doll of Me! It is like multi dimensions or parallel universes or something.
I do like Sprite doll Number 1’s blue boots though. Could you give me a pair like that too, please?”