#gtstoogies 6

The food and pictures which Sprite had provided for this week’s #gtstoogies gathering were French in flavour. When she learned that there was a general Southern theme for the festivities she pointed out that she had the poster for Gifted 2010 the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness Sydney 29 July – 1 August 2010 http://www.gifted2010.com.au/ on the wall which represented the Southern states of Australia and she brought out a picture of Southern belles. She also lent us her Linux penguin soft toy which she was given at her P Party because what is more Southern than Antarctica?
Intellectual Dabrowski brought pentaque boules this time because nobody had guessed the names of the items had brought to the two previous gatherings.
Caramel Cat having been deprived of Twitter bird delicacies was hoping for a feast of ‘les petites souris’ as they always seemed to be ‘sous la table’ in the French language text books.
Papillon and French Bulldog had arrived to be taste testers,
I became quite anxious when I saw the third taste tester as he looked suspiciously like Leaping Attack Black Dog did when he attended Sprite’s P Party after a day at the pooch pamper parlour.
And given that Sprite and I still have not managed to get organized and several rather stressful events have happened recently I would not have been too surprised if it was indeed Leaping Attack Black Dog trying to sneak in.
However he assured me “Je suis P est pour Parfait”
“OK” I said “So you are Parfait (a fluffy dessert) from Pestpour Kennels? Why would anyone want Pestpour as a kennel name?”
“Non! Non! Non!” he barked “I am Perfect from ‘P is for’ Kennels. I am P is for Perfect!
What a great way to get in a mention of the next event for Gifted Resources which is Psychologist Alison Brown speaking on the topic P is for Perfect – Perfectionism and Anxiety in Gifted Children