A turquoise turtoise


I had visited the blog editorial dashboard last night to remedy some errors.
This morning I found an earnest discussion in progress about one of the changes I had made.

“Well should it be Turtle or Tortoise?” Sprite was asking.
“We have one of each here at Sprite’s Site” said Intellectual Dabrowski. “The one who dances with the Lobster Quadrille is Turtle and the one who participated in the experiment for Seth Godin and the Roman Riding demonstration is Tortoise”

“Jo called them both Turtle” said Sprite.

“I know!” said Intellectual “I had to get Sir Richard Attenborough to sort her out and then Parfait and I made her fix it last night. I wanted her to write a retraction and an apology to both of them but she wanted to just sneak in the change and hope we didn’t notice!”

“She shouldn’t just sneak the change in because we would keep on calling Tortoise Turtle and he wouldn’t like that!” said Sprite.

It’s fun calling people by the wrong name! I do it all the time!” said Little Bully Black Dog. “It is funny!”

“No, name calling is not funny – it is just mean!” said Sprite “I didn’t like being called Spit Spite and Ginger Pony didn’t like being called Peefa and Sensual Dabrowski doesn’t like being called Itchy”

“But I don’t think Jo would want to be mean” continued Sprite. “Maybe she doesn’t always recognise people’s faces.”

“Well she doesn’t need to recognise faces to tell the difference between Turtle and Tortoise” said Intellectual “It is easier to tell by looking at their feet. Tortoise has feet and Turtle has flippers.”

Intellectual launched into a lengthy discussion about Comparing and Contrasting Turtle and Tortoise until Little Bully Black Dog became bored and went away to dig a hole in the garden and chew up some cushions.

Imaginational Dabrowski stayed to listen but soon drifted off into his own thoughts.


A pony with a sulky behind

“Peefa’s got a sulky behind today!” Sprite told me.
“That’s nice, dear. You will be able to go for a drive” I said.
“NO!” said Sprite. “Not that sort of sulky.  Peefa is turning his back on me when I call his name!”

Sure enough Peefa did appear to be sullen and sulky!
I thought of calling Sue Weatherill of Horse Instincts http://horseinstincts.com/index.html who runs courses for healing the spirit of both horses and people.
But then I noticed that Peefa had a couple of canine companions – Wistful Black Dog and Sensual Dabrowski aka “Itchy”.

After a discussion with all three we discovered the cause of the trouble.
“Why does THAT GIRL call me PEEFA?” asked the pony “My name’s GINGER, it is!”
“I told Ginger I used to be called Itchy until I protested and now they call me Sensual and I feel much better about myself”
“See – give a dog a bad name and it sticks!” said Wistful. “I wonder what my life would have been like if I had a better name!”

I realized that I had inadvertently caused this misunderstanding by not taking into account that sometimes Sprite takes comments literally when they were not intended to be literal. I had written Peefa Pony on my Christmas treasure hunt note meaning P for Pony and implying that she could choose a name herself.
In retrospect I should have introduced Sprite to the pony and told her that the previous name was Ginger!

Letter to Annie Fox

“Can you help me write the letter to Annie Fox at http://anniefox.com/ NOW please?” demanded Sprite “I asked you to help me do that a couple of weeks ago!“
“OK, what do you want to write?”
“Just tell her all that mean stuff the queen bee girls were saying to me, calling me Spit and Spite and ask her why kids are mean like that! Send her the blog entry you wrote about it.“ https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/spit-spite-sprite/
“OK,” I said “I’ll do that.
But in the meantime have a look at What Kids Want to Know about Bullying and Other Friendship Issues at http://ezinearticles.com/?What-Kids-Want-to-Know-About-Bullying-and-Other-Friendship-Issues&id=3723788
I think you will find that was one of one of the questions she answered.”

Also I will see whether we can get some of her books for you to read” http://www.anniefox.com/books/msc.html

Annie Fox has a series called Middle School Confidential. You can watch a video trailer at http://www.anniefox.com/books/msc.html and you can download a free leaders’ guide to the series at http://www.freespirit.com/files/OTHER/Leader’s_Guide_to_the_MS_Confidential_Series.pdf

As well as the Middle School Confidential series Annie Fox has written Too stressed to think and The Teen Survival Guide to Dating & Relating which is out of print now but can be downloaded FREE at http://www.anniefox.com/books/tsg.html

I’m NOT Itchy Dabrowski!

”I have upset the Dabrowski dogs,” Sprite said. “Emotional told me that Sensual was really upset because I called him Itchy Dabrowski. He said everybody calls him Itchy and it makes him really cross because Sensual is his proper name and it describes him so much better.
He said it is not just about some materials making him feel Itchy; it is about appreciating the feel of materials and the tastes and textures of foods. It is about luxuriating in the feel of deep pile fur or velvet and loving the feeling of oysters sliding down your throat but being disgusted by the feeling of slimy mashed peas in your mouth.
And Sensual sounds more ‘classy’ than Itchy!
Emotional got really upset and said ‘You didn’t like being called Spit Spite and Sensual doesn’t like being called Itchy!’
“And then I started to get really anxious and think that I had messed up all the party invitations and the party wouldn’t be a success and I could see Guard on Duty Black Dog staring at me” said Sprite.

”But do you know what? He winked at me and said ‘Be BRAVE – Be Ready And Victory is Easy’.  See https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/the-third-s-i-p-p-for-physical-and-practical-part-3/  And he was wearing the lei I gave him and he is going to jump into a shrinking machine and come to the P Party as a Pug!”

Spit Spite Sprite


“You remember how I said having a good imagination helped when we were using the Poem Creator program from http://tinyurl.com/ravbsy in English?” said Sprite
“Well it was really fun and not too much writing. I put in the word Imagine and that is what the result looked like.
And then the poem I wrote from that was

An image
A man
A mage
An age

Most of the kids couldn’t think of good words to use to make good poems
The In-crowd sporty boys were putting in rude words and elbowing each other in the ribs and laughing.
And the Queen-Bee girls were putting in each other’s names and giggling.

And then Mr. M used my word as an example and read out my poem to the class and said it was creative and thought provoking.

And then the Queen-Bees put my name into the poem generator and started teasing me calling me Spit and Spite and they kept it up all through that lesson and all through lunch time – but never when a teacher could hear them.

It’s not fair! I don’t tease them when they win at sports and stuff; but they tease me when I get things wrong and also when I do well. So I can’t win!

I wish I could be camouflaged like baby cheetahs. Or I wish I was invisible!