Imaginational Dabrowski – Counsel for the Defence

I was so proud of Imaginational Dabrowski!

When he realised how upset Sprite was he took responsibility for his part in the affair and offered to act as the Counsel for the Defence.

It was a very brave action as Intellectual Dabrowski appeared to have the weight of evidence in his favour and Imaginational was risking ridicule and questioning of his sanity.

Imaginational suggested that they should brainstorm ideas that could be used as arguments for the defence of the validity of imagination and that, at this stage, all comments should be accepted. They used an Inspiration mindmap Idea Map template from  for their brainstorming and agreed that they could set up their argument using the Persuasive Speech Plan template.

Then they began researching facts and quotations to back up their case.

Memory Elephant in Overdrive 3

Dear Starjump Starfish
I have found the Mind Map which could be the key to all my memories!
It is the Feetspeak:2E Shoes Quest Map which is the overview of the Feetspeak program. It has signposts and little pictures on it to show all the milestones on the journey.
I have given the Memory Elephant a telescope and we will be able to focus on the different memories one by one.
Maybe I will find my History notes hidden along the Teaching Strategies Road.
Sincerely Sprite


Memory Elephant in Overdrive 2

Hi again Starjump Starfish
I just noticed that I put a red bow on the Memory Elephant’s toe so he would remember something important. At first I could not remember what the the bow represented.
But then I remembered that the bow is made of the same material as the Steep Learning Curve and that lead me to all the Mind Maps which Jo made in Tony Buzan’s iMindMap and now I can find a whole lot of the stuff I needed to remember.
I found Jo’s mind map about De Bono’s 6 Action Shoes
But I still have not found the History notes and the Memory Elephant still says I did not give them to him.
Sincerely Sprite