House warming gifts

“People keep asking me what you would like to receive as housewarming gifts!” Sprite told me.
“I don’t know what you want; so I asked the others.”

“Oliver Moremouse said you want cheese platters, One Twitter Bird said you want Dr Jeff’s 21C water cooler set up again and Tweet and Retweet said you wanted a nest with a pink egg and a blue egg!”

“Psycho Motor Dabrowski said you want a trampoline, Intellectual Dabrowski said you want stacks of puzzles and educational games, Sensual Dabrowski said you want vouchers for Lavender Lathers at Poise for Poise Parlour and Emotional Dabrowski said you want lots of masks for theatrical performances.”

“Imaginational Dabrowski rattled on about how you would want world peace and for things to be ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’. Intellectual asked if that meant you would want gold pavements and Imaginational said only literalist materialists and concrete thinkers would want gold pavements; so he didn’t think you would want that!”

“So I don’t know what to tell people about gifts but I have set up the chocolate fountain and the coffee machine for you.
Oh and I gave you a pot of lavender because I know you always like to have lavender bushes and herbs growing in your garden.”

Unmasking the Possibilities 2


This is just a marker holding a place on the blog for my description of the VAGTC Unmasking the Possibilities conference which I have not yet finished.
I am very busy on a several fronts andI have a couple of other posts which I would like to add now without losing this spot.
So check back later to see whether I have edited this post or  given up and deleted the place holder!

Unmasking the Possibilities


The  Dabrowski Dogs are preparing to accompany me to the Victorian Association for Gifted & Talented Children conference “Unmasking the Possibilities”  on Thursday 8 – Friday 9 September
The theme of the conference will be overcoming the barriers such as poverty, isolation, cultural and language issues, 2E gifted with learning difficulties, health and social/emotional issues that can prevent gifted students from shining.

Emotional Dabrowski is often called The Drama Queen. She is enjoying trying on the theatrical masks which display the emotions!

Sensual and Psycho Motor would like to wear the Gifted Resources cheetah masks with the QR code for the web site included in the cheetah head spots but Sensual is not sure it will fit comfortably on him and Psycho Motor is bouncing so much the mask will not sit straight and keeps dislodging.

Intellectual Dabrowski is modelling the combination mask which demonstrates the theme of the conference. The mask has two layers. The gifts and talents displayed on the lower mask can only be glimpsed when the overlay mask which represents the difficulties is in place.

Imaginational Dabrowski found that his thinking was enlarged when he considered how the overlay mask could be removed to let the gifts and talents shine.