Discovering the depth and breadth of giftedness

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

The sign announcing the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum October blog hop: Discovering the depth and breadth of giftedness appeared at Sprite’s Site at much the same time as the Lobsters arrived for their Annual Lobby Lobsterfest with the Lolly Lobbing competition and dancing of the Lobster Quadrille.

The suggestions for the topics which could be discussed read

This hop is about exploring the breadth and depth of giftedness – in general, in your kids, or in whatever you want to explore. Perhaps it’s also an opportunity to discuss what the public doesn’t understand – how giftedness looks like a lot of things because it IS a lot of things, not just a kid sitting in the front row of the classroom getting easy As. Perhaps less simplification of giftedness would help others to understand nuances and complexity – why we keep going on about it, and why a one size fits all GATE program doesn’t work for all gifted kids (nor even identify them all).

“Depth and breadth suggests the necessity to measure” declared the Lobsters.
The Forensic Lobsters had brought all the tools necessary to gauge the possible presence of the Wicked Lemon Wedges
They produced rulers to measure the extent of the giftedness and a protractor to measure the degree of the giftedness.
With the help of One Twitter Bird on a ladder they measured Sprite while she was standing. Even though Sprite was not standing up straight the ruler was not long enough to give an accurate measure.


Image Jo Freitag

So then they measured her in a seated position and checked the number of degrees of the angle of elevation of her leg and added the total (in degrees) to the height total (in centimetres) to compensate for Sprite being a 2E student and came up with an IQ of …….

“What on earth dooo yooou think yooou are doooing?” hooted the Psych-Owl- Ogist.

“To identify giftedness and derive an accurate score for IQ it is necessary for a qualified psychologist or education consultant (preferably with an interest and expertise in giftedness) to administer appropriate testing. The tests must have a sufficiently high ceiling level to be accurate at the upper level; otherwise you will only be able to say that the IQ is above a certain level. I have heard it likened to measuring all the members of the Harlem Globe Trotters basketball team with a six foot ruler and then saying they are all more than six feet tall.
And there are also other ways of identifying giftedness by observation and check lists.

But, as I told Retweet Gifted is not a homogenous group!
There are varying levels of giftedness and varying domains of expertise combined with varying character profiles and personality types.
I discuss some of the aspects of giftedness here

And I talk about social/emotional issues here

Fortunately Gifted Homeschoolers Forum has an excellent collection of articles about these topics at
Defining giftedness at
Tests and testing

“The other problem” chimed in Columbus Cheetah “is that very often people have mistaken ideas about what giftedness is and is not. There are so many myths surrounding giftedness. I always aim to counter the myths in my role as Myth Buster
And I also advocate for employing acceleration when appropriate and using the Iowa acceleration scales

One of the common misconceptions is that all children are gifted
Gifted Homeschoolers Forum has a page of Rapid Responses to this issue at

Thank goodness Gifted Homeschoolers Forum gives links to information about giftedness and its measurement so that we do not have to do not have to rely on Lobsters with rulers and protractors.

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Lobster Fest 2014


The annual Lobster Fest was held in the lobby at Sprite’s Site during the weekend.
As usual the Lolly Lobbing Competition was conducted and the Lobster Lewis Carollers entertained with a performance of the Lobster Quadrille.


And as usual the Forensic Lobsters were on hand to check for any traces of the Wicked Lemon Wedges who are always present when a lobster meets an untimely end in mysterious circumstances.


What was different this year was that I recorded the Lobster Fest in ink drawings for INKtober
Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.
I have been participating in INKtober and posting at least one picture a day on a very friendly and supportive Facebook group where I have my own album at


Friday December 13: God rest ye merry gentlemen

Today is Friday 13th; so it is not surprising to find that the Pair o Noids and SAD Seasonally Affected Black Dog have come in out of the cold and threatened to put a damper on the visit of the Lobsters and Red Herrings.
FrOG and Outfora Duck think that Beloved Snail is entrée. Beloved Snail, who came to participate in the Lobster Quadrille, believes all will be well if he can just make it past Mean, Mean 13!
Sprite has brought her goldfish to be included in the group photo which the Memory Elephant is taking and either she or the Memory Elephant has just spilled the salt. With the spilled salt, umbrellas open inside the house and the black cat on the ladder outside it is good to be reminded of Good’s power over evil with the stirring
‘God rest ye merry gentlemen’

If you would like to read about Mean, mean 13 follow the link or scan the QR code

Lobby Lobster Fest 2013


The Germans have October Fest and Sprite’s Site has the Annual Lobby Lobster Fest.

The first Lobster Fest was held in October 2010  It was to be a virtual feast of lobster for the #gtstoogies group who were  meeting for a light hearted chat after  #gtchat.

But when the lobsters heard about the Lobster Fest they started arriving in droves complete with forensic lobsters that came to investigate the premature demise of one of their own. They concluded that, as is often the case, the Wicked Lemon Wedges were responsible or were at least complicit in the crime.
They held their Lobster Lolly Lobbing Competition and a group of Lobster Lewis Carollers brought their own whiting, porpoise, snail and turtle to stage a Lobster Quadrille. This year the Red Herrings in parsley head dresses doing the can-can have also joined the Lobster Fest celebrations

Last year the Lobby was booked for a Halloween party at the same time as the Annual Lobster Fest and the two activities were combined; so this year the Lobsters planned for their event to be held earlier in the month. You can see that Harvest fruit and vegetables are already in the Lobby in preparation for Halloween and may notice some of the Wicked Lemon Wedges hiding among the fruit.

Happy Lobster Fest to all Lobsters!

Combined celebrations

There is a double booking for the lobby this weekend – Halloween and the annual Lobby Lobster Fest but Intellectual Dabrowski has a solution. He will be going undercover to work on the puzzle of the Wicked Lemon Wedges and has suggested that the other Dabrowski Dogs should also dress up as Lobsters this year.

So the lobsters will conduct their Lobster Lolly Lobbing competition using Halloween candy and dance the Lobster Quadrille beneath the suspended apples.
The garlic cloves are guarding the windows and the pumpkins have declared the lobby a safe haven place from Jack-o-lantern carvers.
Arachnid is engrossed in spinning decorations for the occasion.

The Memory Elephant is eager to remind everyone about The First Annual Lobby Lobster Fest

And about how the Dabrowski dogs had celebrated at previous Halloween parties

How will the Dabrowski dogs celebrate Halloween?

Intellectual Dabrowski dresses up

The Dabrowski dogs dress up