October Creating Challenge

Each month I enjoy participating in the Creating Challenge set by the Brilliant Chaos Facebook Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/brilliantchaosonline/

For the October challenge I splurged a whole $2 on a pack of finger paints on a sudden impulse and had a lovely back to childhood time puddling with them. I love the luminous colours and the textures!

But the Twitter birds consider that the Creating Challenge is THEIR activity and wanted to get involved!
As Lisa Lauffer commented:



The Twitter Birds liked the effects generated by my finger painting and had some ideas about how I had created them but were not quite sure how they could do it themselves.


They observed that I made the patterns by moving the paint around with my fingers and thought they could achieve similar effects by painting their feet and walking on the cardboard.


They discover a quicker method of walking through the paint in the roller tray but the Cleaning Crew became anxious that it could prove messy.


There was a suggestion from my friend Jennifer Grant that the birds could tip pots of paint onto a horizontal surface and scoot through it on their bottoms. Of course Tweetil thought that would be great fun. Retweet and the Cleaning Crew would not let him do it but I would not be surprised to find that he does try it sometime!

And there was a suggestion from brilliant quilter, Gail Blumengarten, to transfer it to fabric and have the Twitter Birds bring me yarn, string, ribbon, etc. scraps that they find and then entwine them all together.  This is being discussed by the Twitter Birds and could be tried soon.

I am not sure exactly how they did it in the end! Somehow the Twitter Birds commandeered some of my completed finger paintings and put their own (foot) marks on them. Then they invited the dignitaries to the showing and there were high fives and cheers of approval.


Let’s go fly a kite! 1


My friend Leslie Graves is looking for some pictures of kites.

Lisa Lauffer created a lovely one for her on her iPad and posted it on her Artisan of creative miracles blog at

Susanne Thomas created some beautiful glass ornaments with kite motifs and posted them on her Building wingspan blog at http://buildingwingspan.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/artish-journey-submission-6-lets-go-fly.html?spref=fb

And the Twitter birds are creating some for her as part of the Brilliant Chaos Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/February creating challenge.

Twitter Birds are not really sure about how to make kites – at the moment they are working on them with hammer and nails!

Tra-la it’s May 1 and 2

Lisa Lauffer and Wendy Balmain host a Facebook group called Brilliant Chaos to encourage creativity. Every month a challenge is issued during the first week which members are free to join if they wish. 
This month the challenge is A   _________   a day for May.
I decided that my challenge would be to enable some of the Twitter birds to participate in Maying activities Camelot style. You can watch a clip of  the song The lusty month of May from the film Camelot on You Tube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg4YrOlAkds

So here are the first two Twitter birds to set off for Maying activities in the woods.







A Picnic at the Intersection

This week a picnic table has been set up for the #gtstoogies at the Intersection of Gifted Way and Asynchronous Drive.

In a post  at http://deepwaterscoaching.com/blog/?p=111 on her Deep Waters blog, written for the  Blog Tour for New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week Lisa Lauffer, alias Deepwaters Coach, gave an invitation to “Meet me at the Intersection of Gifted Way and Asynchronous Drive”
Very soon the #gtstoogies had arranged on FaceBook to not only keep the appointment with our beloved Chief Sanity Officer, but also to have a picnic at the crossroads.
Lisa Conrad, whose great  blog entry on her Gifted Parenting Support Blog stated    http://giftedparentingsupport.blogspot.com/2011/06/making-connection-evidence-based-policy.html
“The time has come for members of the gifted community – parents, teachers, researchers, and advocacy groups – to come together and engage in practical and meaningful dialog on how to promote the needs of gifted children both in school and society in general”
was quick to agree to a picnic at the Intersection of Gifted Way and Asynchronous Drive.
Leslie Graves, aka LesLinks, from Ireland who also wrote excellent posts for the Blog Tour, one about parent power at http://innreach.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/giftedness-awarenessparent-power-and-taking-that-first-step/ and one about fun activities  at http://innreach.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/on-giftedness-a-few-activities-a-little-fun-and-keeping-the-spark-alive/ said that when a picnic is held at the crossroads in Ireland, it is also a time for dancing to Irish pipes and whistles.
So the Twitter Bird Band members were quick to find Irish musical instruments and head to the crossroads to participate in the festivities.
The telescope, which was set up for viewing the total lunar eclipse, is still available for the use of the #gtstoogies.
A description of the way the lunar eclipse would appear in Melbourne, Australia is given in the Melbourne Planetarium Sky Notes video at http://museumvictoria.com.au/planetarium/discoverycentre/skynotes/skynotes-video-june-2011/

When Sprite arrived at the intersection of Gifted Way and Asynchronous Drive she had a feeling that she had been there before. The Memory Elephant confirmed that she had actually been to the crossroads before, but at that time had not known the name of the roads and produced a picture to prove it.
As always when memories were being brought out the Dabrowski Dogs gathered round to add their comments.
On her first visit to the area (see the Feetspeak 2E Shoes page on Gifted Resources website at  http://www.giftedresources.org/gr/feetspeakforweb01.htm )  Sprite had been making very painful progress toward the De Bono 6 Action Shoes shop where she hoped to get the ideal shoes for Gagne’s DMGT Road from innate giftedness to fully developed talent. See http://www.templetonfellows.org/program/FrancoysGagne.pdf 
Sensual started scratching and Emotional started howling at this memory.

In Sprite’s mind the roads were called Shoes Rd and DMGTRoad. She thought of the other end of DMGT Road as Fund Road because that was where she had to go to find out whether she would be eligible for any funding,  special considerations  or assistance.
The other end of Shoes Rd was what Sprite called Plan Rd; because it was there that strategies for building an education plan for her could be found. Imaginational speculated about what plans could be made incorporating the “ideal funded solutions plaster cast” and the “do the most sensible thing” brown shoes and how the sensible brown shoes were well suited to the DMGT Road.
Sprite always wondered whether DMGT Road  and Plan Road met each other somewhere behind the distant hills.
Intellectual said that it could be reasonably extrapolated that if the plans made on Plan Road were suitable and were pursued to their conclusion that Plan Road  and DMGT Road would indeed meet up.
Psycho Motor was not really interested in the map of the roads. He knew he had seen the place before and the mention of shoes reminded him that he had taken one of Sprite’s shoes out to the garden to play with; so he bounced off to look for it!