The Un-Olympics Bower 5.02

An unexpected result of the Twitter Birds Un-Olympics Bower 5 the Keep it Simply Science Bower was that Outfora Duck arrived seeking asylum from the Cricket.
“Every time they televise a cricket match and somebody goes out without making any runs, they stick a cricket cap on my head and a bat in my hand and force me to waddle across the screen looking stupid!” he complained “I’ve had enough! I’m going on strike!”

The Twitter Birds declared he would be safe hanginging out with them in the Un-Olympics Bower and they showed him their simulation of the explanation of the Higgs Boson particle.

The Un-Olympics Bower 5

The Creativity Challenge Un-Olympics Bower will today be the venue for the Twitter Birds Science Expo.

There will be opportunities to conduct science experiments, watch a film of the space shuttle launch and much excitement sharing links to recent discoveries, science programs and great blogs.

The Twitter Birds have brought links to recent science news

Higgs Boson particle

Cosmic Log MSN The Higgs Boson particle explained in just over a minute

The Guardian UK

The Twitter Birds also have some links for Online  science courses

MIT Open Courseware

RELATE Introductory Mechanics Course for Instructors and Advanced Students

Registration is open for a free online MIT-level course in Introductory Newtonian Mechanics targeting people with good knowledge and skills in mechanics that’s being given this summer by MIT professor David Pritchard and his education research group, RELATE ( The course will enable participants to improve both their conceptual overview and their problem-solving skills in mechanics.  The course features e-text, videos, simulations, problems, and weekly interactive office hours. More information at

Cybraryman’s Educational Web sites Science pages


World Builders

Virtual frog dissection

And they also have links to some interesting science blogs

Dr Jeff’s Blog on the Universe

The big blog theory

Krissy Venosdale Venspired blog


Apparently the pair sitting in the black ring had not read the small print and thought that the Un-Olympics Bower was set aside today as a place to kiss!