Gifted in Reel Life


I know I have not posted much here yet this year.
After the Christmas and New Year celebrations I have been busy updating both the Gifted Resources website and my personal website and setting up new pages for use in 2015.

Sprite and the others have been “helping” me (note the inverted commas).

By the time we started working on the Film Discussions page Intellectual Dabrowski  and P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle, were being pedantic and tiresome and Psycho Motor Dabrowski’s attention was waning.
Imaginational Dabrowski was thinking how good it would be to stop the updating work and watch some of the movies.

“Oh look, here’s my favourite movie of all time – Little Man Tate” said Sprite. “We could watch that first and then maybe Contact. I’ll get the popcorn.”
Next thing I knew Sprite had made herself comfortable, everyone had brought more films, snacks and a box of tissues for Emotional Dabrowski and they had all settled down (except Psycho Motor, who never settles down and Sensual who felt itchy) for a marathon viewing of films about gifted and 2E characters.

Films can be a powerful teaching tool and an effective springboard for generating discussion. I have developed and presented a series of discussions based on movies on topics relating to giftedness for education, encouragement and enjoyment for teachers, students, parents and anyone who lives or works with gifted people.

There are many films about gifted characters which can be used for discussion starters for parent groups, material for teacher training or professional development/in-service training or activities for gifted youth groups.
Suitable films include
Little Man Tate
A Beautiful Mind
The Incredibles
Top Kid
Finding Forrester
Rain Man
Good Will Hunting
Searching for Bobby Fischer
August Rush
October sky

I noticed that Psycho Motor Dabrowski was bouncing up and down in front of the GHF January Blog Hop sign.
So I left Sprite and co and set off to find out what other blogs had to say about ‘Gifted in Reel Life’.
“Bring home some more popcorn and tissues, please!” called Sprite.

If you would like to go on the blog hop too you will find all the links at


This week on #gtchat…

Exciting news is posted on the bulletin board in the lobby. This week Dr Susan Assouline, Associate Director of The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa will be will be a Guest Expert on the early session of #gtchat The topic of discussion will be STEM.
Click on the board so that you can see an enlargement and read it more easily.
Also on the bulletin board you can see a flyer for the Webinar series conducted by Belin Blank
There is also a sticker from Talk like a Pirate Day which will be held in September.

On the table you can see a poster for the film, Pirates of the Caribbean, which is playing in the Deborah Mersino theatre as preparation and research material for the #gtchat and #gtstoogies Pirate Cruise.  More news about this soon!

Film Discussions 2

The Incredibles is a great film for the whole family.
A second table has been set up for  the chocolate fountain which was requested and some festive foods.
Please help yourself to Discussion Notes for the film Little Man Tate from the Film Discussions Series page on Gifted Resources website at

I look forward to lively discussion about the issues raised in the film.