The Memory Elephant in the Room


Photograph Jo Freitag 2015


Since the arrival of Edward the Autonomous  I have decided that I will definitely create a set of six persona dolls to represent the six students in Betts and Neihart’s Profiles of the Gifted and Talented and I will create a separate blog for the persona dolls. (More about all that soon in another post)

Then I decided to add the 5 Dabrowski dogs and the Perfectionist Poodle to the set.
My search for soft toy dogs or patterns to make them showed me several expensive options and then led to a large white dog with a Christmas hat and scarf for $3 sitting in a basket of toys at the back of an Op Shop. I did not buy him when I first saw him; but the more I thought about him, the more I thought he would be suitable.
So the following day I phoned the shop and yes, he was still there. So I took a bus ride to collect him.

On the way I passed another Op Shop and I spotted an elephant rocker sitting outside the shop. It did not have a price tag on it and I know that rocking horses can be very expensive. I went in and asked the price of the elephant.
“Elephant?” said the lady “I didn’t know we had an elephant!” (Just like when I found Felicity) She suggested a very reasonable price and I carried home my Memory Elephant as well as the white dog!


Sprite as a Persona Doll

As you may remember I decided to make a Sprite Persona Doll and bought a pattern and some trimmings.

And here she is!


I used a pattern for the largest size of Raggedy Anne doll but I embroidered the face of the Sprite doll I had envisaged.


I already had the calico and the filling I needed and found a wig and clothes in opportunity shops. The cost of the pattern and extra materials I needed to make her was approximately $25.00.

For Sprite’s Persona Biography see


My next task will be to make Biography Journals for both Sprite and Felicity


Not Sprite to Be – a Persona in her own right


I realized that it would be a real pity to try to turn the beautiful 74 cm doll I found in the Opportunity Shop yesterday into a Sprite Persona Doll. It would be almost impossible to change her without damaging her and she has so much character as she is.

I have decided that she is a Persona doll in her own right.
She is gifted, introverted, very sensitive and probably trying to hide herself from being noticed in the classroom.

So I have gone back to the previous plan to create a Persona doll for Sprite myself and have purchased a pattern and some trimmings.