Getting Organized – Stationery steps

“Stationery steps? Do you mean like walking on the spot?” asked Sprite when I suggested that our next step in the process of getting organized would be stationery steps.

“No I mean stationery with an e as in envelope not stationary with an a as in standing still’ I said “You can find out about common mistakes people make in English usage at Common errors in English Usage”

One reason Sprite had problems getting organized in the study area of her life was that she never had the materials she needed for study in the place she needed them – they were at school when she needed them for homework and left at home when she should be handing them in at school.
Imaginational Dabrowski was getting tired of her claiming that the dog had eaten her homework and was sure she should be able to find more original explanations.

The school was making some token moves towards being the Paperless Classroom advocated by Shelly Blake-Plock but they still relied on some textbooks and ring binder notebooks.
We implemented advice from Allie Golon about using binders and colour coding for different subjects.

Gathering and storing information ‘in the cloud’ has helped as information can be accessed from anywhere online.
As well as the colour coded ring binders we set Sprite up with online LiveBinders from
Dropbox and Google Docs are useful for storing and accessing documents. Bookmarking sites such as Delicious and Diigo are also useful.

ACE the Social Media

“Bertha the Bully failed Social Media because she was caught Cyber bullying” Sprite told me “but I ACE it!”

I follow the guidelines that Marjie Knudsen gave in her guest blog entry on Dr Michele Borba’s Reality Check blog at

It’s easy to remember – I told Eidetic, the Memory Elephant, to memorize it.

A = Accountable
I need to be accountable for the things I post on Social Media. I should not post anything that I know is wrong or that I would not want teachers or future employers to read

C = Considerate
I shouldn’t post anything mean or anything that offends Great Aunt Mehitabel or embarrasses my friends

E = Engaged
I need to be engaged in a positive way and post positive, helpful, edifying things. And I need to know what to do if I notice that someone is being a cyber bully