Meanwhile, back on Gifted Island…

One of the drawbacks of blogs is that the entries are in chronological order so sometimes entries which belong together as a series become separated.

So recently we have participated in the fun of the Best Australian blogs competition, the launch of Christine Fonseca’s new book, set up a teachers’ lounge and battled with Mean, Mean 13 for #gtstoogies.

And meanwhile, back on Gifted Island…

Having participated in our first challenge for reward, we have received our first rewards.

The reward for me was to spend some time on the Teachers Island with the teacher who is the third member of our team for Survivor – Gifted Island. It turned out to be a real eye opener for me and lead to much greater understanding of and empathy with the teachers.

I found that the situation on the teacher island was not as rosy as we had been led to believe on the parent/child island. We were given the impression that life on the teacher island was just a luxury holiday during which they could develop programs for their gifted students.
However this was not the case. The teachers were also expected to act as emergency teachers in a variety of regular school classes and to prepare the students for standardized testing. They were also given large amounts of correction, marking and report writing to complete within firm deadlines. The amount of time they were actually able to devote to the program planning turned out to be minimal.
Having embarked happily and in one accord on the Survivor –Gifted Island project, we now found that both the parents and the teachers had sources of stress which made the team effort more difficult.

However we did enjoy the short time together and managed to share some laughs and chocolate and plan a few strategies for challenging Sprite in her areas of ability and passion while giving her support in the areas which cause problems for her.
We also discussed the rumour that there was another island where we could find psychologists and education consultants who would be able to help design an excellent program for Sprite.

Sprite’s first reward was a copy of Christine Fonseca’s new book 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids. She took it to her hammock straight away.

Now she quotes advice such as:
Success Secret #18 You control your feelings not the other way around.
Success Secret #33 Don’t put off your projects (with comment from Chandler, 13 “Waiting to the last minute to do your work only makes you more stressed. Try to get things done early. You’ll sleep better”
Success Secret #35 Don’t overthink things (This has always been a problem for Sprite eg the Weed wars debate]

It is just amazing how she is accepting and acting on advice from 101 Success Secrets since she disregarded the same advice when I gave it to her!

Christine Fonseca Book Launch Blog Tour May 2011

This week author, Christine Fonseca, celebrates the launch of her new book 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids with a Book Launch Blog Tour. Details of the tour fun and giveaways can be found on Christine’s website at

It will be a whirlwind tour with a busy schedule! It is a good thing Christine has the use of the Twittersphere balloon for her journey through cyberspace!  The Dabrowski Dogs, who loved Christine’s previous book Emotional Intensity, are there to wave to her as she sets off on her Blog tour with the balloon loaded with copies of her new book for prizes and give aways.

THE SCHEDULE (from Christine’s blog)

  • The Gifted Resources Blog is starting things off with their own unique tribute!
  • 5/2 – Michelle McLean is hosting a Q&A Vlog and giveaway
  • 5/3 – Lisa Rivero is hosting an interview with great questions related to marketing fiction and nonfiction. She is also hosting a giveaway
  • 5/4 – Ali Cross is hosting a fab guest post wherein I talk about perfectionism and underperformance. There is a giveaway too.
  • 5/5 – Elana Johnson is hosting a vlog of me and my fav things. Yep, it is quite embarrassing! Another giveaway is on tap too
  • 5/6 – Golden Eagle  is hosting a guest post about what I learned writing 101 Success Secrets,  Michelle Hickman is hosting a post about the great advice I received as a kid.
  • 5/9 – Danyelle Leafty’s blog is hosting a guest post about the inspiration behind the book and why it means so much to me.
  • Also happening 5/9 – an appearance on Blog Talk Radio. Click here for the deets.
  • 5/10 is another double stop day. I’m hanging out with Shelli Johannes-Wells hashing out the differences between marketing NF and Fiction, and talking with Monica Morrell about my favorite advice from 101 Success Secrets – the Hula Hoop trick.
  • 5/11 Lisa and Laura Roecker asks me some  fab questions about parenting, writing, and more
  • 5/12 I am stopping by Jennifer Merrill’s blog for a Q&A – trust me, this one is not to be missed.
  • The tour ends 5/13 with Eric Stallsworth. I’ll be talking about the 7 things I learned while writing NF that EVERY Fiction author NEEDS to know!

There will be a lot of fun and festivities on Christine Fonseca’s Book Launch Blog Tour!

#gtstoogies 8 April

Last time Christine Fonseca was the guest expert for #gtchat the #gtstoogies celebrated the launch of her book Emotional Intensity with a wine and cheese tasting
So it seemed fitting to hold another wine and cheese tasting event  this week when Christine will again be the guest expert for #gtchat this time launching her new book 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids. Through the window you can see the hot air balloon which will take her on her Blog Tour in May.

When the mice saw that the topic of the other #gtchat session would be preparing gifted students for positions of leadership they took their cheese platters to the mouseum to view portraits of mice who had been in leadership positions – Mousey Tung, Mouselini and Mousetapha.

And the Twitter birds want to send a reminder that since daylight savings time has ended in Victoria and New South Wales the #gtchat sessions will be at 2.00am and 9.00am on Saturday mornings.

Holiday reading

Today I spent some time adding to my Shelfari  bookshelf.
I have several books to read during the holidays.

Youngest son gave me Letters and numbers Word and number puzzles from the SBS TV show for Christmas; as we have been enjoying playing along with the TV show.

Bill Zimmerman of  and  sent me a copy of his new book Your life in comics : 100 things for guys to write and draw

The book features cartooning exercises and prompts that get boys thinking and writing about important subjects in their lives, including family, friends, school, health, and the future.  Web extensions point the way to additional fun and interactive resources online.  You can also download some of the pages from the book.

Bill invites you to blog and comment with him and offers writers’ prompts on his blog at
I have two books on the I Plan to Read section of my Shelfari shelf. I do not have a copy of either of these books yet but am looking forward to reading them.

 Twice exceptional gifted children by Beverly Trail Ed D was released in November 2010.

It can be purchased online at  and I think it may be available in Australia from Borders or Dymocks. I will search for it soon.

101 Success secrets for gifted kids by Christine Fonseca from Prufrock Press will be released in May 2011 and Sprite’s Site will participate in the excitement of the launch.  You can read about it here.

#gtstoogies 14- Christine Fonseca’s new book

This week the gtstoogies will be honoring the launch of Christine Fonseca’s new book Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students with a virtual wine and cheese tasting.
Intellectual and Emotional Dabrowski slipped in to have sneak peek at the book and poster and agreed that she really understands!

If you would like a sneak peek at the first chapter of the new book you can read it online at
For full details of all Christine’s books see
To read Christine Fonseca’s blog see

Christine will discuss emotional intensity in gifted students at this week’s #gtchat session and embark on a blog tour from October 1 to October 15. For details see

More Anti-bullying Activists

The Twitter Birds brought to our attention that during the month of May Christine Fonseca will be focussing on the issue of bullying on her Growing Up Gifted blog
She will be using the concepts found in Barbara Coloroso’s book, THE BULLY, THE BULLIED, AND THE BYSTANDER, as well as her professional experience, she will examine the many aspects of bullying as it relates to the gifted.

  • Week of 5/3 – The Bully
  • Week of 5/10 – The Bullied
  • Week of 5/17 – The Bystander
  • Week of 5/24 – How to help