Finding the Right Flock 3

The later and darker the evening grew the brighter and more wide awake the Psych Owl Ogist became. He was ready to continue the discussion about finding the right flock for the gifted Tweetlets
The Tweetlets, who usually resisted sleep, had nodded off and Tweet and Retweet were getting drowsy. But, being Twitter birds, they were used to being awake at varying times in order to chat with others from different time zones.

“I have a few more suggestions as regards finding a suitable flock for your gifted Tweetlets” said the Psych Owl Ogist.

“Remember I told you that you need to select a flock for the Tweetlets which will allow them to go far and give them the opportunity to soar.
Maybe you should look at a flock which uses the MONTE SOARY pedagogy.
This would offer a choice of activities from within a prescribed range of options with uninterrupted blocks of work time where they could discover and learn concepts by working with the materials provided rather than by being directly instructed by a teacher.”

“The humans have a similar pedagogy called MONTESSORI.”

“Or you could think about a flock which uses the EGRETIO EMILIA philosophy

The Tweetlets would be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing and be allowed to explore and express themselves. There would be an emphasis on their developmental stage and close relationships with others and their environment and respect for them as individuals. Their curiosity would be valued and respected. Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children and are involved in every aspect of the curriculum. It is not uncommon to see parents volunteering to help with the Flock and practice the same philosophy at home in the Nest

“The humans have a similar pedagogy called REGGIO EMILIA”

“Or” continued the Psych Owl Ogist “you could continue with Nest Ed and engage mentors and tutors or take courses with specialists in specific subjects”

Migration and Navigation with Arctic Tern

Business Studies with the Secretary Bird

Collecting and curation with Bower Bird

Humour with Kookaburra

Carolling with Magpie

Theatre with Lyrebird

Elocution with Parrot

“You get the picture!”

Finding the Right Flock 2

Great Aunt Hashtag had gone home and the Psych Owl Ogist ordered take-away food so that hunger would not distract them and settled in for further discussion about how to find the right flock for the gifted Tweetlets. He ordered Fried Mice for himself, Wormburgers for the Tweets and Tweetil and a seed heart for Tweetelle.

“First of all I have to say” said the Psych Owl Ogist “YMMV!”

“Why what?” asked Tweet.

“YMMV, my good man – Your Mileage May Vary”

“You will hear lots of advice and suggestions. Listen to all of it and weight it up carefully and come to your own conclusions. Because a particular flock was suitable for some does not necessarily mean it will suit others.”

“But don’t be too quick to reject suggestions either because often variations can be found or potential barriers removed.”

“For example you rejected Fine Feathers without further consideration because of the cost. It could be possible to get a full or partial scholarship and work some overtime to cover the fees if you felt strongly that it would be the best flock for the Tweetlets.”

“And Retweet rejected all Local Flocks on the basis of the one she saw.
But Local Flocks vary a great deal and some can be excellent for gifted Tweetlets.
You need to visit many of them and ask them the questions. Also join a support group for parents of gifted Tweetlets and find out which flocks the members recommend. Some flocks are happy to accept early entry of gifted Tweetlets.”

“Some Flocks will have programs for groups of gifted Tweetlets or occasionally join with other flocks for special activities and excursions.
Some will offer Vertical Timetabling, Differentiation, Withdrawal classes or Dual enrolment.
Make sure that the Tweetlets with be given suitable teaching in their regular classes every day. They are not only gifted between 2.00-3.00 pm on Tuesday!”

“Check whether they are open to accelerating the Tweetlets to a higher class either full time or for some subjects and if they would use the Iowa Acceleration Scales”

Iowa Acceleration Scale Manual: A Guide for Whole –Grade Acceleration K-8
The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development
Susan Assouline Ph.D., Nicholas Colangelo Ph.D., Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik Ph.D., Jonathan Lipscomb B.A., Leslie Forstadt B.A
Published by Great Potential Press

Finding the Right Flock

When we last looked in on the Tweet family, Tweet and Retweet were teaching their Tweetlets in the nest until they were old enough to join FLOCK Ed and had already embarked on the study of Flight 101. As the Tweetlets wings were not developed enough they had not been able to start the practical part of the course but they had a good understanding of the theories.

The Tweetlets had been assessed as gifted by the Psych-Owl-Ogist who had warned Tweet and Retweet that the Tweetlets  could be very disappointed with the introductory classes of FLOCK Ed as they would be covering topics which they already understood.
“In most introductory classes they are still learning the nesty rhymes,” he had told them.

“In fact,” he had said “it may not be wise to send them to the local flock. You need to select a flock which will allow them to go far!”

Now the Tweetlets have stopped wearing nappies and are ready to join FLOCK Ed and Tweet and Retweet are faced with the decision of which flock to choose.
The Psych Owl Ogist arrived bringing a list of questions Tweet and Retweet should ask the Flock based on Finding the best school for your gifted child: Recommended questions to ask from the Davidson Institute

Some of Tweet’s relatives were trying to pressure them into choosing the exclusive private flock Fine Feathers which they had attended and sent them glossy promotional brochures.

Tweetelle gazed at the pictures of the Preening and Deportment classes and chirped “I want to go to that flock”.

But Tweet stated firmly that he could not afford the flock fees of a wheelbarrow of seeds per term.
And the Psych Owl Ogist argued that, although Fine Feathers would offer upper class social connections and the brochure claimed that each Tweetlet would be given the opportunity to reach their potential, it would probably not be a suitable Flock for the Tweetlets.
“Although they are ahead of most local Flocks,” he said “the main focus of the introductory class study is ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ Tweetlets who are independent thinkers would not fit into their mould!”
“You should let them fly with the Local Flock” chimed in Great Aunt Hashtag. “It’s free and there is no extra travel involved. I flew with the Local Flock. It was good enough for me!”

But Retweet had already made the acquaintance of the Local Flock when they held a class on her washing line and was not impressed. They were disheveled and disrespectful. They made rude gestures at Tweetil and whistled lewdly at Tweetelle and kept on squawking “Yo, Knickerfeathers!”
Although they were already able to fly, they were still learning their nesty rhymes. Retweet had felt relieved about that at first; as she knew her Tweetlets would not be behind the others in this group. But then she learnt that the group on her line was not the group her Tweetlets would join – this was the older group! Her Tweetlets were already a long way ahead of the older group in many respects.

The Psych Owl Ogist suggested that it would be worthwhile investigating Al TERN ative Education and suggested the select entry accelerated program ‘Voltare ad Astra’ as being particularly suitable.
Here, the Psych Owl Ogist said, the Tweetlets would be challenged, would have individualized education plans and would find a cohort of true peers
As the Psych Owl Ogist expressed it ‘One good TERN deserves another’