Rosebud Kite Festival


“You can tell Sprite…” said the Memory Elephant “that calendars only work to remind you about coming events if you actually remember to look at them!”

The Rosebud Kite Festival is being held today and the Twitter Birds are already having fun but Sprite has not checked the calendar which the Memory Elephant gave her for a New Year gift and may not be aware that it is happening this weekend.

I will check the program of events at and may go down to the beach to see it later.


Getting Organized – Step 2

Step 2 in getting Sprite organized was to help her have a more realistic sense of time. She never seemed to be quite sure what day of the week it was or how much time to allow for various activities.
Because she was not sure of which day it was she often forgot to take things to school. She needed to remember to take her guitar on Tuesdays and her P.E. uniform on Thursdays.
So we invested in A Window of Time eco-friendly transparent perpetual monthly calendar for her window

I also put a whiteboard and cork pin board up for her and as well as her regular alarm clock I gave her an hourglass she could set to keep track of time spent on certain activities.

We discussed finding a balance in the amount of time spent on the various aspects of life and put a laminated Life Balance Wheel on her pin board which she could colour with wipe-off marker pens. There were many to choose from and I found a good example at