Friends and relations

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Great Aunt Hashtag was visiting the Tweet family again.

Retweet was trying to make the visit a positive experience by declaring that as part of their NEST Ed activities for the week they would be researching their family tree as Great Aunt Hashtag was very knowledgeable about Tweet’s family history.
“I am glad to see you are doing that.” said Great Aunt Hashtag.
“In MY day we knew how to respect our ancestors and relatives!”

Retweet already knew that there were several illustrious ancestors who were Leaders of the Great Migrations in Tweet’s family tree. She attributed the giftedness of her tweetlets to the genes they had inherited from Tweet’s family. However she acknowledged that there were many brilliant musicians, poets and visionaries on her side of the family tree.
And of course she had discussed the nature versus nurture issue with the Psych-Owl-Ogist on several occasions. He had shown her a diagram of Professor Francoys Gagne’s DMGT model and pointed to the Environmental Catalysts section to demonstrate how the influence of the nest environment played its part in the development of the Tweetlets innate giftedness into fully developed talent.

Tweet had also told Retweet about an old uncle who was a brilliant thinker and was said to be rather peculiar. Retweet was really keen to know more about him.

“Oh he was a bad egg, a bad egg!” said Great Aunt Hashtag “He was the black sheep of the family!”

Tweetelle tugged at Retweet’s wingtip “You told us sheep and dogs do not come out of eggs” she whispered
“The black sheep of the family is just a saying. We will talk about it later.” Retweet whispered back.

“It is a good thing you can choose your friends because you cannot choose your relations” Retweet said.
She was trying to smooth the conversation but she was also remembering some of the awkward moments when Great Aunt Hashtag had caused upset to the tweetlets during her visits.
Relationships can become quite strained when the characteristics of giftedness are not understood.

“Talking about friends – do you still keep in touch with Trending and her family?” asked Great Aunt Hashtag.
“No. Trending and I have grown apart over the years and her tweetlets did not have any interests in common with my tweetlets.” Retweet replied.

Retweet had found that her tweetlets preferred the company of older tweetlets or adult Twitter birds. Finding same age friends had proved quite a challenge. She was glad that the tweetlets had found some like minded peers of all ages at the Bower Holiday Program.

“Is the Peculiar Bad Egg Bird my Uncle?” asked Tweetil.

“Let’s work it out” said Great Aunt Hashtag “If I am your great aunt and he was my third cousin once removed what relationship is he to you?

“I thought ‘In a Relationship’ was a polite way of saying the naughty word” said Tweetelle. “The baby sitter said she was In a Relationship and….”

Retweet went very pink in the face. “I think we may have to revisit the Birds and the Bees talk later” she said.

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The Birds and the Bees

The Psych Owl Ogist suggested that one of his wise owl friends could act as a mentor and provide some enrichment opportunities for the Tweetlets.
She would visit the Tweetlets and discuss topics, such as classic literature, not usually taught in regular FLOCK Ed classes.

During the evening after her first visit, when Retweet was reading Tweetelle her bedtime story, Tweetelle asked “What does To Woo mean?”

“Oh dear!” thought Retweet “Here we go with the Birds and the Bees talk!”

She went quite pink in the face and took a deep breath.

“Well,” she said “You know how there are so many lovely flowers and everyone wants more lovely flowers and the bees fly around them… and … well … you have to understand about the structure of flowers and how the petals are brightly coloured to attract bees… and about how bees collect pollen to help with making honey and…”

Tweetelle looked completely mystified. “No, I don’t think it was about bees and flowers”

“What do you think it was about?” asked Retweet, stalling for time and hoping to gauge what Tweetelle already understood.

“Well” said Tweetelle. ”It was something the tutor said. I asked Intellectual Dabrowski about it and he said she was citing the new poem, O my love, written by the Poet Lorikeet.

What she actually said was

‘To woo
 To woo

…to wit… To woo’

Intellectual said ‘to wit’ means ‘that is to say’ and shows that she was quoting”

Retweet breathed a sigh of relief and made a mental note to herself to have a sneak peek at advice from Dr Michele Borba on the topic of how to give The Birds and the Bees Talk at