The Big Bang Theory

Our family really enjoys the TV series The Big Bang Theory so I was delighted to find a blog about the science behind the science. It is the Big Blog Theory at

Sprite loves The Big Bang Theory too and often invites Intellectual Dabrowski in to watch it with her.
“But there’s one thing I don’t get!” she said “Why does everyone laugh when Sheldon gets upset when people sit in his place on the couch?
I don’t think that’s funny. I would get really upset if you sat in my chair!”

“Don’t worry.” I said “that is not likely to happen!”
“Why?” asked Sprite “Because you’re too fat to sit in my seat – like Goldilocks?”
“No because you are not even in the same dimension as I am; so I can’t sit in your seat.”
“Yeah, like I said, the dimensions of your seat are too big for my seat”