Packing for the New 2


The packing is proceding well; except that there are so many strangely shaped treasures to be fitted into the cartons and everyone keeps bringing more.
Intellectual Dabrowski is claiming that it is simply a matter of treating the packing like playing tetris or tangrams so that everything fits in but P’est pour Parfait, the perfectionist Poodle insists that everything must be perfectly aligned and the labels for the boxes should be colour coded and adhered in exactly the correct position.
Psycho Motor Dabrowski disagrees. He says that the Lolly Lobbing Lobster has the right idea: throw items into the boxes from a distance like shooting for goal and then give the box a shake to get everything to settle so you can put more in!

Sprite is escaping from the packing at every opportunity.
She brings things to be packed and then vanishes to talk to Ginger Pony or to visit Cybraryman at  or Mrs P. at
“I thought you might like to get a Second Life!” she told me “So I have put reminders about The Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children’s Gifted Education conferences in Second Life  on the pinboard”

“And now, while you pack my fish, I am going to visit my new friends Meredith and Merebith at


The teachers’ lounge

The #gtstoogies lobby is set up as a teachers’ lounge for this week’s gathering after the only #gtchat session for this week which will be a session guest moderated by the wonderful twitterbrarian (or cyber librarian) Cybraryman, Jerry Blumengarten, on the topic What makes a Great Teacher of #gifted children?

Cybraryman has a webpage for everything and everything on its page! He facilitates and participates in many Twitter based education chat sessions and has a page which lists the numerous education chats at
He has a well stocked Gifted and Talented page at
Cybraryman has also often joined the #gtstoogies merriment and acted as our cyber DJ, choosing just the right music to suit the theme and mood of the occasion.

The Dabrowski Dogs are as eager as ever to participate in the #gtstoogies gathering and a selection of key books has been chosen for display on the bookshelf.

In case you have forgotten to bring your spectacles, here is a close up view of the pin board which includes the notice about this weeks’ #gtchat, a poster for New Zealand’s Gifted Education Centre GO  Gifted Online and The Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children’s Gifted Education conferences in Second Life. There are pictures of Tim Dracup aka Gifted Phoenix as he appeared in Second Life and Dr George Betts presenting his Autonomous Learner Model at the most recent Second Life conference.
The next “Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in Second Life”, 28th 2011 at 9 p.m. CEST.
Invited speaker is Margaret Keane from Ireland. Topic: “MissionV Pilot: Using virtual world technology for the support of high potential students.”