Best Australian Blogs 2012 Part 8

Voting for The Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition  People’s Choice Award will close on Wednesday 9 May at 5.00 pm and all winners will be announced on Thursday 10 May at 10.00 am.
Sprite’s campaign has one more event –The International Food Festival to be held in her blog garden on Tuesday 8 May. So the Taste Tester Dogs   have been summoned to give their stamp of approval to the fare.

The telescope has been set up to allow viewing of the Extreme Super Moon predicted for 6May 2012.
Click on the picture to see an enlargement of it.

You can vote for Sprite’s Site (and as many other great Australian blogs as you like) by clicking on the Vote for Me button in the sidebar of the blog but you can only vote once: so be sure to make the vote count. Sprite’s Site is on Page 4 O-S.

If you have entered Sprite’s Site by following a link to a specific post you will need to click on the title on the blue Sprite’s Site header to see the sidebar.