GT Chat is back! 2

GT Chat is back this week and Sprite helped to decorate the #gtstoogies Lobby for the occasion.

Dr Jeff Goldstein’s  Twitter 21C water cooler  has been set up as well as the coffee machine and chocolate fountain.

And there are gifts for GT Chat founder, Deborah Mersino, and the new moderator, Lisa Conrad, and gifts and a rocket  cake for Krissy Venosdale of Venspired Learning who celebrated her birthday during the week.

House warming gifts

“People keep asking me what you would like to receive as housewarming gifts!” Sprite told me.
“I don’t know what you want; so I asked the others.”

“Oliver Moremouse said you want cheese platters, One Twitter Bird said you want Dr Jeff’s 21C water cooler set up again and Tweet and Retweet said you wanted a nest with a pink egg and a blue egg!”

“Psycho Motor Dabrowski said you want a trampoline, Intellectual Dabrowski said you want stacks of puzzles and educational games, Sensual Dabrowski said you want vouchers for Lavender Lathers at Poise for Poise Parlour and Emotional Dabrowski said you want lots of masks for theatrical performances.”

“Imaginational Dabrowski rattled on about how you would want world peace and for things to be ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’. Intellectual asked if that meant you would want gold pavements and Imaginational said only literalist materialists and concrete thinkers would want gold pavements; so he didn’t think you would want that!”

“So I don’t know what to tell people about gifts but I have set up the chocolate fountain and the coffee machine for you.
Oh and I gave you a pot of lavender because I know you always like to have lavender bushes and herbs growing in your garden.”

#gtstoogies 15 April

Well, we have set off for the Survivor – Gifted Island game having already endured the first tantrum from Sprite; even before we left home; when she realised how few of the things she wanted to take would fit in the one backpack she was allowed to take. I managed to squeeze Columbus Cheetah into my backpack and with a bit of repacking we managed to fit a few more items in Sprite’s pack including the frisbee and ball for the Dabrowski dogs.

Sprite was very upset that she was not allowed to take her telescope, microscope and laptop. I am hoping that these things will be provided since it IS Gifted Island – maybe they will be rewards that can be earned. I tried to encourage Sprite that maybe not having these items would provide extra challenge and make the experience even more  inspirational but she did not appear convinced!
She was also not happy about having to leave her De Bono Six Action Shoes pink slippers at home. She was only allowed to take two pairs of shoes and I pointed out that the Can Do Adjustable velcro sandals and the De Bono Six Action Shoes grey sneakers would be the most useful pairs to take.

I apologise for not leaving the place in a tidier condition!  We have left the coffee maker and Dr Jeff Goldstein’s 21st C water cooler ready for the #gtstoogies gathering after #gtchat this week and have ordered a cake to celebrate the Birthday of Leslie Graves of from Ireland.

We will start sending you our journals from Survivor – Gifted Island soon.

Conference Chill Out Area

This week Deborah Mersino and several of the regular #gtchat participants will be attending the NAGC Conference.
Deborah will be part of a panel discussion about The Power of Social Networking with Joel McIntosh, publisher of Prufrock Press, Carolyn K. of Hoagies Gifted Education Page and Ian Byrd of
For details see Deborah’s Ingeniosus blog post at

For those who are not able to attend the conference in Atlanta in person it is possible to attend the virtual conference at

There will be one global #gtchat session at 7:00 p.m. (EST) on Friday, November 13th. The topic will be Drive: Motivation and the Gifted Child.

Sprite was not sure whether the #gtstoogies had any specific plans for the week; so she set up a conference chill out area where you can relax with coffee, tea and cake between sessions.

Having experienced how stimulating but also exhausting Gifted Education conferences can be both mentally and physically, I thought an extra chill out area would be appreciated.

I was not surprised to find the Dabrowski dogs there. Sensual was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the noise, scents and flickering florescent lights and has withdrawn to a spot slightly removed from the chatter at the water cooler for the 21 Century to recharge his battery.
Intellectual and Emotional Dabrowski are waiting by the couch, eager to engage in deep discussion about the topics covered in the sessions and Imaginational is deep in thought about possibilities for new directions in education.
Psycho Motor Dabrowski had found it quite difficult to remain seated for the entire session and was eager to go and put into practice the new approaches the speakers were suggesting. He can be seen through the window skipping rope with the conference mascot.

#gtstoogies 16 – All Day Breakfast Buffet

This week several of the regular #gtchat participants will be presenting at gifted education conferences; so the regular gtchat sessions will not be held. This means that the gtchat participants will be able have some extra hours of sleep.
The #gtstoogies have set up an all day help-yourself breakfast buffet in the lobby.
Please enjoy fruit juice, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cereal, fruit, pancakes, bread rolls and croissants and even Mobius bagels.

If you would like some reading material other than the cereal boxes you will find transcripts of past #gtchat sessions at

The Twitter birds wanted to remind that even though #gtchat would not be held the Twitter Water Cooler for the 21st Century would still be there! 

Psycho Motor Dabrowski still rose bright and early ‘with the birds’ and Imaginational and Emotional Dabrowski discussed their dreams with each other.

Beside Caramel Cat’s cushion you can see Sprite’s pink slippers from the De Bono’s Six Action Shoes range.

It will be great to hear about the gifted education conferences next week. The All Day Breakfast will also be available next week with some additions to the menu.

The Water Cooler of the World

In a wonderful, amusing and thought provoking blog entry on Dr Jeff’s Blog on the Universe astrophysicist, Dr Jeff Goldstein, the Center Director for the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education, explains why Twitter is so much more than a place for announcing the tuna sandwich you ate for lunch.

Dr Jeff says:
Twitter is a water cooler for the 21st century. At this cooler you can meet fellow human beings from across the planet, and share thoughts about life, our world, and our children—common thoughts that bind us all, regardless of nationality. In an age when as never before humanity faces a perfect storm of global problems, it’s precisely this kind of water cooler you’d like to see, and to frequent.

There people, that is why I spend so much time with the Twitter Birds!