The punch line

Image by Lisa Conrad

This week I will be the guest and we will be discussing Humor and the Gifted on GT Chat.

By a strange coincidence Sprite is doing a study unit at school about how humor can be used to comment on political and social conditions and maybe act as a force for change. She is learning about Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, Charlie Chaplin films, Robin Williams and political cartoonists.

As an introduction to the topic they each had to pretend they were a stand-up comedian and tell a joke or do something to make the class laugh.”

Sprite told me “Most of the kids got up and told a riddle. Some just pulled a silly face or fell over and everyone laughed at them. If they were just being silly or taking too long without being funny the teacher would say they had to get to the punch line. Of course some of the boys took her literally when she said that and punched each other.”

“When it was my turn Intellectual Dabrowski and Imaginational Dabrowski helped me tell a story about a cat who got shut up in a box and lots of things happened to him while he was in there. I could just picture it! It was so funny! I could hardly tell the joke because I was laughing so much but the class didn’t seem to find it funny. So the teacher said ‘Get to the punch line, Sprite’.

And I said “How is your cat, Mr Schrödinger?”

And the kids all said “Huh?” and the teacher said “Good try, Sprite”.

I was not really surprised. Gifted people often have a very different, quirky or intellectual sense of humor. Sometimes it is appreciated and they become beloved comedians, actors and authors. But sometimes they are just misunderstood and regarded as strange.
I am looking forward to the GT Chat session.

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