Welcome back!


Image Jo Freitag

Welcome back to Sprite’s Site blog and wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2016!

Sprite was relieved and happy to welcome the Memory Elephant’s return after an absence for the Memory Elephant Day holiday on 30 December and taking Angus McTvitter to the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Memory Elephant was somewhat bemused. “I am happy to see her too and I have a Memory Elephant Day sample bag full of rosemary and red ribbons and calendars and file folders to show her. But she usually just takes me for granted. What has changed?”

“Well” said Sprite. “Paula told me that Memory Elephants don’t always come home again. She went to visit her grandma, who she used to stay with every holiday, who is in an old folks’ home now and her grandma did not know who she was and was calling her that young lady.”

“I am so glad my Memory Elephant came back in time for 2016!”

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