Viewing the Days

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

I returned from the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Blog Hop on the topic A Day in the Life of a Gifted Homeschooler 
to find Sprite and Retweet had finished giving their presentation and were taking final comments and questions.
The presentation had apparently been well received and they seemed happy.

Retweet was keen to hear about the different styles of homeschooling I had seen on the other blogs I had visited.
So I told her about the posts I had read and the comments I left or tried to leave at each place.

A Daily Guide to Radically Unschooling Outliers ~ Gifted Unschooling (Amy Harrington)
No two days are alike when radically unschooling a divergent thinking prodigy who questions everything, voraciously creates and absorbs knowledge the way most people breathe. His passions are intense and in constant flux but there are a few omnipresent features.

My comment
Thank you Amy!
I really related to this comment particularly ”  Liam sets his own goals, devises his own projects, self-imposes a time frame and then dutifully works until completion with little interruption. His focus is unparalleled.  He eats while he works and he paces and fidgets while he thinks. There is no time to take a meal break and yet his brain needs sustenance every 1.5 – 2 hours. A big part of our day centers around feeding Liam’s physical and intellectual appetite. It is exhausting.
Gifted kids are high maintenance.”

A Day in the Life ~ Homeschooling Hatters (Care Martin)
One of the first things I learned as I grew up was that there are as many different ways to do things as there are people doing them. People stop and wonder “homeschooling? how does that work?” and each person the question is posed to will have a different answer. Even within the same nuclear family. Crazy, right? Well, Gifted Homeschoolers’ Forum has come to the rescue on that one! This month, get a look into how many different families homeschool, and how they answer the question of “What’s a day in the life of a gifted homeschooler like?”

My comment
Thank you for a fun pictorial story of your day

A Day in the Life, My Little Poppies Style ~ My Little Poppies (Caitlin Curley)
I’ll write a post about this at some point, but homeschooling during construction can be challenging. We have attempted to alleviate the stress and chaos of construction by simplifying our days. The last few weeks of our homeschool have been filled with the things we love: books, nature, play, and art. Our children are young- there will be time for all of that other stuff later, when the dust has settled (and I mean that last bit both figuratively and literally).

My comment
I loved your description of your homeschool day, Cait! Thank you for sharing.

A Day in the Life of a Gifted Child in the Regular Classroom ~ Crushing Tall Poppies (Celi Trepanier)
Many gifted children in the regular classroom, starved for a befitting education, begin to fail, experience emotional repercussions and lose all hope in school and in learning.
My comment
Brilliant post, Celi!

A Day in the Life of an 8 Year Old Asynchronous Homeschooler ~ The Cardinal House (Carissa Leventis-Cox)
I used to think our homeschool schedule would be clearly determined: 8:00 Start school 12:00 School is DONE!
But in our experience, I have discovered that learning happens ALL THE TIME. I cannot imagine restricting education to specific times of the day. And like all homeschool families, we have both good AND bad days. Homeschooling days do not always flow perfectly. They are definitely not always how I planned. And I often need to remind myself that the struggles, the challenges, and the frustrations (big or small) must be welcomed as part of the homeschool day because they will always be there. What is important is that we have created a deliberate homeschool lifestyle together that prioritizes and encourages learning in a nurturing and enjoyable environment.

My comment
Your day sounds so varied and so much fun. Thank you for sharing it.

A Day in the Life of My Gifted Homeschoolers ~ Mommy Bares All (Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag)
Surprises. Stories. Songs. Struggles. These are four words that usually characterize a day in the life of my gifted homeschoolers. But if I put them together (which is actually what really happens each day), I would choose to describe our typical day as a fireworks display because it’s a combination of many explosive things that happen during the day.

My comment
Thank you, Teresa! I loved hearing about your beautiful family surprises and songs, stories and struggles.

A Friday at Sceleratus Classical Academy ~ Scleratus Classical Academy (Mrs. Warde)
I had plans for this day; plans for this blog post. I was going to do what a fellow blogger did and take a picture on the hour, every hour of one day to give a snap shot of the day. But nothing this day went according to plan….which is actually pretty representative of every single day here.

My comment
There is obviously a lot of learning of many different types going on with your family even when you feel as if nothing much is happening. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

A Typical Day in Our Homeschool: 7th Grade, 5th Grade, and 1st Grade ~ Eclectic Homeschooling (Amy Bowen)
Our homeschool uses an eclectic mix and places a high priority on individualized learning. I tend to prefer to use materials and methods that keep me highly involved with my children’s learning. I do value independent learning and because I’m homeschooling three, this necessitates that independent learning take place. But I place greater importance on the discussions and interactions that we have together. That said, here was our day…

My comment
Wow! What wonderful variety you are including. Thank you for all the links you have included. I love the way you are managing to juggle the learning of all three children and your own work.

Homeschooling in the House of Chaos ~ Laughing at Chaos (Jen Merrill)
What does homeschooling look like in the House of Chaos? Oh honey, pull up a chair, pour some wine, and prepare to feel better about yourself. I shall pick a random weekday, let’s say…Tuesday (or rather, a general compilation of a whole bunch of Tuesdays).

My comment
I always love your posts, Jen!

One NEST Ed Day ~ Sprite’s Site (Jo Freitag)
Sprite had interviewed the Twitter Bird, Retweet, about what a typical day of NEST Ed (Nest Education System of Training) for her gifted tweetlets would involve.
She had even put together a PowerPoint Presentation about it.

My comment
That was our starting and ending point for this blog hop.

Welcome to My World ~ Random Everyday Blessings (Tabitha Ferreira)
Welcome back to Everyday Random Blessings where life is crazy, school doesn’t look at all like school and we try our best to embrace our very own muchness.

My comment
What excellent adventures you all have! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

This has been a commentary post on the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum March blog hop


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