Memory Elephant Day 2014


Before going off for the annual Memory Elephant Day which is celebrated on 30 December the Memory Elephant helped me sum up the past year 2014 as recorded on Sprite’s Site blog

There were 62 posts on Sprite’s Site during 2014. Some of the subjects covered were:

January 10 posts

Columbus Cheetah Myth Buster series
February 3 posts
GHF Blog hop Staying motivated throughout the homeschooling year
De Bono’s 6 Action Shoes 9: One size shoe cover system

March 3 posts
GHF blog hop Homeschooling (and parenting) Gifted/2E kids into their TEENS and beyond
Best Australian Blogs series
April 9 posts
April Fools prank
Best Australian Blogs series
Autism Awareness month
Earth Day
GHF Blog Hop Promoting health and wellness in the gifted/2E child
May 4 posts
GHF Blog Hop Tips, Toys, Tricks and Tools for Gifted/2E Kids blog hop
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop The G word
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Gifted@Play
June 1 post
Gifted Awareness Week New Zealand 2014
July 4 posts
Donkeys live a long time series
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Summer reading
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Friendships

August 2 posts
Donkeys live a long time series
September 5 posts
GHF Blog Hop Giftedness – Why does it matter?
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Gifted – How?
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Gifted advocacy
The doll house
October 8 posts
Persona dolls
Lobster fest
GHF Blog Hop Gifted grown ups
Doggy classroom dynamics
November 8 post
52 Illustrations challenge
De Bono’s 6 Action shoes
GHF Blog Hop Finding your community
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Holiday gifts
December 5 posts
Persona dolls
GHF Blog Hop Parenting OEs, 2Es and everything in between
Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop Holiday gifts
Christmas preparations

Sprite and co. have enjoyed sharing with you this year and would like to wish all our readers a very happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2015

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