After the Hoagies December Blog Hop


We have returned from the Hoagies December Blog Hop Bye Bye Buy Buy   with lots of great ideas for gifts and activities for the holidays.

We set off on the hop from the post on Sprite’s Site at
Intellectual Dabrowski carried the sample bag for Sprite.

“Well, now I know what the folk at Sprite’s Site will be giving me!” Sprite said. “I need some suggestions for gifts I can give them.”

Here are the posts we visited and the comments we left or tried to leave.

Living with geniuses

Comment: These are great ideas for ways to have fun together as a family and build memorable traditions. I love the idea of Yadnuf day!

Planet Smartypants

There were some very helpful suggestions here
Limit the wish list
Just say No
Think different eg coupons
Give gifts that will leave lasting memories

Comment: I love these wise suggestions!

Homeschooling Hatters

My mother always made tapestry pictures and baked shortbread from a traditional Scottish recipe for her Christmas gifts. She would apologize for giving the same thing each year but everyone loved her shortbread and would have been disappointed if they did not receive it. The baking was an important part of our family’s Christmas tradition

Hoagies’ Nibbles and Bits!

Comment: I loved hearing about your gingerbread house creating. What a great fun family tradition!


Comment: Your gift of time to do activities together and visit places of interest sounds like a wonderful way to give a lot of fun during the holidays! Thank you for a great post!

A 2E Fox Revived

Useful suggestions here were
Avoid the media as much as possible
Limit the TV
Avoid shopping malls
Shop at Op shops where possible
Donate to charities
Recycle – try for zero waste
Visit a museum or cultural event
Give handmade gifts
Search Pinterest for craft ideas

Comment: Thank you for a great post – lots of good ideas for gifts and activities that avoid commercialism and seek to produce as little waste as possible!

Aurora Remember

This post gave a link to 5 Love Languages which we found interesting and helpful

“(1) love language = physical touch, then hugs or massage; (2) love language = quality time, then time and undivided attention; (3) love language = gifts, then hand written letter or home-made item; (4) love language = words of affirmation, then a recorded message or note of all the reasons you love the person; and (5) love language = acts of service, then home cooked dinner, laundry, or baby sit.”

Comment: Thank you for a great post – a very helpful way of thinking about what would be the ideal gift to express your love for the recipient!

…braver than you believe…

Comment: Thank you for a thought provoking post!

Gift-Ed Connections

I love this “There are so many competing narratives that are invoked at this time of year that always have me carefully navigating the distance between Santa and Scrooge, religion and secularism, scarcity and abundance, intention and expectation.”
So beautifully expressed!

My Little Poppies

Some suggestions we found here were
Books with personalized inscriptions
Handwritten letter or story of a happy memory
Handmade gifts
Something silly
Scrap book or photo album
Give to others/charities instead of family

Comment: Love all your ideas and the examples of your family gifts and also the quote from Mother Teresa.

Sunrise Learning Lab

We were not able to leave a comment here but enjoyed the post very much.

Sunrise Learning Lab also posted a Pinterest Board of Handmade Gifts at

Sprite has received a couple of her gifts already because they are similar to an Advent Calendar in that they help to count down the days and prepare for Christmas.
They are gifts for you also, dear reader.
They are a PDF booklet titled The Christmas Planner (Christian flavour) and a daily picture of a Twitter Bird snow globe and they can be found on the main page of my personal website at


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