Donkey votes


“We are playing elections” Sprite told me.

“The main ones you can vote for are Intellectual Dabrowski or Guard on Duty Black Dog. They are both promising to do wonderful things but I know you can’t really believe them; because politicians break promises.”

“Psycho Motor Dabrowski is the campaign manager for Intellectual and he bounces up and down barking about how GREAT Intellectual is. And Little Bully Black Dog is the campaign manager for Guard on Duty and he runs around yapping about how BAD Intellectual is!
I am getting sick of hearing both of them!”

“If you don’t want to vote for either of them you can vote for Imaginational Dabrowski.
I like his ideas. He wants a kinder world where the environment is protected. But people say he does not have enough support to be elected or enough money to do the things he wants to do.”

“Oh and there are some really minor parties too. They are only interested in one issue. They are Caramel Cat’s Fat Cat party and the Lobsters’ Ban the Wicked Lemon Wedges party.”

“And what are all the others doing?” I asked.

“The pigs are here for the pork barrelling. The Origami Secretary Bird is a scrutineer and Beloved Snail is handling the postal votes” she said.

“So, do you want a voting paper and the how to vote cards?”
You might need to click on the picture to read the writing


“Oh and if you vote by numbering the boxes in the same order as the voting sheet Benjamin Donkey will get all your votes.”

“And who are you going to vote No 1?” I asked

“I can’t tell you that” said Sprite.


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