Sprite was quite offended by my post about her suffering from Realism Envy or Dimension Envy and she made sure I knew it!

“Is envy the same thing as covetousness?” Sprite asked me

After I had checked a thesaurus I said “Yes”

Envy: as a noun – jealousy, greed, as a verb – covet, desire, be jealous of

Covet: desire, want, long for, crave”
“And ‘Thou shalt not COVET’ is the tenth commandment, isn’t it?” she continued.
“I remember that because when we talked about mnemonics you showed me how the number ten looks like a fork and a plate and said it reminds you not to want what other people have on their plate.


So that means Jews and Christians think coveting is a sin. And I looked up other religions too and they also say it is a sin to covet.”

“But I just want to be REAL and I want to be able to be in the same dimension as you, my creator, like Persona Doll Sprite is!”
“It is the same as Pinocchio wanting to be a real boy or  you wanting to go to Heaven and be with your Creator. I don’t think that is a sin!”

“So I don’t want you to say I have envy. I want you to say I am YEARNING.”


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