On the GHF November Blog Hop


We have been on the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum November Blog hop http://giftedhomeschoolers.org/blog-hops/finding-community/  about Finding your community and celebrating GHF 10 year anniversary; and have returned with our goodie bags full of great posts, helpful links and assurance that we are part of a great community!

Here are the posts I visited and the comments I left or tried to leave.

Both Normal and Extraordinary ~ Laughing at Chaos (Jen Merrill)
Isn’t that what we all want? To be both normal and extraordinary?
My comment
“There is an expectation for everyone to be extraordinary, but if you truly are, you’re marginalized for not being normal.” – Well said – that describes it exactly!
It is so important to find a community where it normal to be extraordinary.

Building Communities ~ The Learning Lab (Maggie McMahon)
Community is less of a tribe and more of a series of coinciding groups – often overlapping and frequently filling different needs.
My comment
I agree with you that “community is less of a tribe and more of a series of coinciding groups” and I loved your analogy for finding those people “its like an adventure ride combined with a Where’s Waldo picture book”

Community ~ Gluten-Free Mum (Kathleen Humble)
Finding other parents that understand our journey is particularly invaluable when no mainstream parenting book comes close to covering the variations in the journey. I must admit, I’m a bit of a reader and researcher (you might have noticed), so when I’m faced with a new situation, my instinct is to find the ‘right’ book. It should tell you a lot when I say I threw away all my parenting books. I threw away books.
My comment
Great post! I love the examples you give to demonstrate the numbers represented by the percentages of the population.

I am not sure whether this comment was received.

Finding Community ~ Homeschooling Hatters (Care Martin)
Sitting on the verge of pneumonia, it’s pretty easy to see where community would be really handy. But, you see, I get sick – really sick – probably once every two or three years. The last time was spring of 2012, and before that.. I don’t even remember. So having a physically present community isn’t an issue terribly often. It’d be nice, yes, but being able to connect, even if it’s just digitally, with other people who are there, have been there, or just get it, is so incredibly necessary. Let me give you an example.
My comment
I love this “having a large community of wonderful people living in my computer, helping me keep what remains of my sanity is, undoubtedly, a blessing.” Great post.

Finding Community: Building a Support System Online and In-Person ~ Raising Lifelong Learners (Colleen Kessler)
Community is important for every parent needing to bounce ideas off of others that have been where they are, but parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children often feel isolated and alone, despite their conversations with local friends and families. Online groups, blogs, and forums can help in complementary and different ways, making them as valuable as in-person groups. Have you found YOUR community?
My comment
Great post – it is so important to find others who really do understand.

Finding Your Community: Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of GHF ~ Sprite’s Site (Jo Freitag)
Gifted, 2E twice exceptional, and homeschooling families are all minority groups. It can be hard to find a community of like minds for people in any of those three groups and even harder if you are simultaneously in two or more of the groups. And if you also belong to an ethnic, racial, social or religious minority the search is even more difficult.

GHF: A Community for Asynchronous Learners ~ The Cardinal House (Carissa Leventis-Cox)

While one local homeschool support group leader laughed in my face at the preposterous thought that my 4 year old could read Magic Tree House Books on his own and had completed Kindergarten Maths, the GHF community embraced me and helped me understand that I was not alone.
My comment
Yes, extreme asynchrony is real! Thank goodness for GHF and their community who understand, inform, support and encourage!

The Gifted Community ~ Crushing Tall Poppies (Celi Trepanier)
Our gifted community is overflowing with people who have been there, done that, and they lend their support and knowledge freely and compassionately.
My comment
Such a beautifully expressed post, Celi!
All those links you give are great starting points for finding your gifted community. I am so glad you are part of my community and so thankful to GHF for their 10 years of service!

{Giveaway} A Little Community During the Holidays ~ (Jade Ann Rivera)
The holidays can be a lonely time for gifted and twice-exceptional families during the holidays. Thank goodness for the compassion and humor these families can find online at the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum!
My comment
Thank you for all you do for the gifted community, Jade!

Grad School: Finally Fitting In ~ Madeline’s Musing (Madeline Goodwin)
When I told my then-best-friend in Southern Oregon that I was going to take college classes at 13, her immediate response was “Why don’t you stay at your own level?” I replied, “I am staying at my own level.” That is a good example of the attitude I was met with at every turn for the next five years.
My comment
Thank you for a wonderful post Madeline!

Have you found your community? ~ Patchwork Poppies (Nicole Diatto)
When I finally found my community, my “tribe”, I felt liberated. It was like hitting the lottery. My heart fluttered with joy! Here were these people who walked a very similar path as me. Their children were much like mine, and it was as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.
My comment
Thank you for your helpful resources and discussion about how to find/create your community!

Kaleidoscope Eyes and the Quantum 2e Revolutions ~ A 2e Fox Revived (Carolyn Fox)
There have been quantum 2e revolutions in terms of educational, technological, and social networking opportunities and it’s been nothing short of astounding.
My comment
Thank you so much for taking on the journey of the development of online connections and education opportunities and your own family story!

Let’s Talk about Giftedness and Community ~ RedWhiteandGrew.com (Pamela Price)
One parent that Price reached out to about the topic said: “I would love to find a community for my gifted child. We live in a small, rural town. The reality is, there aren’t many- if any- kids like mine in town. I would love for him to feel a sense of community, to know others like him, to be able to express himself freely and without reservation.
My comment
What a great discussion and generator of community connections you have  made with this post, Pamela! Thank you for all you do for gifted, 2E and homeschoolers and so many, many others!

Over Thinking Things and Community ~ Christy’s Houseful of Chaos (Christy Knockleby)
Over thinking can make it hard to interact with other people. Over thinking can mean worrying that what you will say because you can see the many ways that it could be misinterpreted. It can also mean saying something thinking it is clear as can be only to discover no one listening can understand it because they haven’t thought about the three steps it took for you to get to that clear-as-day thought.
My comment
“I’m indecisive because I see eight sides to everything.”
“Over thinking things can be paralyzing. Over thinking things can be guilt inducing.”
Oh yes, I really do relate to these sentiments.Great post!

The Quest for His Community ~ My Little Poppies (Caitlin Curley)
I’ve found my community, but what about his?
My comment
Helping PG children to find their tribe is not easy but I like the advice your friend gave about having different groups for various interests and activities and maybe, just maybe, there will be someone in one of those groups who will become a close friend and be able to relate at a deeper level.

We Are So Unrelatable ~ Gifted Unschooling (Amy Harrington)
When you are a radical unschooling, freethinking atheist, unconditional parent to an agnostic atheist tech prodigy and an emotionally intense violence aficionado, weapon wielding brony, then your world becomes pretty small and seemingly unrelatable.
My comment
Thank you for an interesting and challenging post.

Why Professor X Needed a School for the Gifted ~ Key Destiny Academy (Doresa Jen)

Going back to my “mutant roots” let’s talk about why Professor X, of the X-Men, needed a school for the gifted – and why us mere humans need such a community as well.
My comment
I really love your video blog posts Doresa and this one was really great! You made it so clear just how important it is for the gifted to find their tribe.

You Are Not Alone ~ Bob Yamtich
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.
My comment
Well said, Bob! It is SO important to know you are not alone!

This post is a commentary on the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum November Blog Hop: Finding your community
Please join us on the hop to celebrate GHF 10 year anniversary and read and comment on the posts.
To find all the posts in the hop please follow the links at http://giftedhomeschoolers.org/blog-hops/finding-community/


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