52 Illustrations Challenge


The 52 Illustrations Challenge has literally been a life changing opportunity for me.

It has rekindled the love of drawing and painting that I had as a child and inspired me to try different media and engage in online tutorials. I feel that I have improved over the course of the year. And I have certainly had a great deal of fun!
It has been wonderful to see all the brilliant artwork that is posted to the group wall every week and I know my group of friends are enjoying it as well; as they see the posts I have liked.

I love the way all the artists, regardless of their ability levels, are gracious and supportive to each other and that all ages can participate. It is good to see the family activities that are generated by the challenge.
It is really great to be part of such a wonderful group of people and I love the warmth and humour in the discussions.

The challenge has also provided added bonuses such as  Art Swaps and opportunities to participate in extra challenges such as competitions, picture book page designs, wedding cake design and has led to participating in other art activities such as World Art Drop day and INKtober.

I have created pages on my personal website where I share the pictures I have created for the 52 Illustrations Challenge at http://www.giftedresources.org/jo/52illustrations.htm

Thank you so much to Tania McCartney for her invitation to join her in her challenge to herself and for setting up the group. Thank you also to all on the Admin Team who have kept the challenge running so smoothly.


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