Sprite as a Persona Doll

As you may remember I decided to make a Sprite Persona Doll https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/not-sprite-to-be-a-persona-in-her-own-right/ and bought a pattern and some trimmings.

And here she is!


I used a pattern for the largest size of Raggedy Anne doll but I embroidered the face of the Sprite doll I had envisaged.


I already had the calico and the filling I needed and found a wig and clothes in opportunity shops. The cost of the pattern and extra materials I needed to make her was approximately $25.00.

For Sprite’s Persona Biography see https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/could-sprite-be-a-persona-doll/


My next task will be to make Biography Journals for both Sprite and Felicity https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/sprite-to-be/


5 thoughts on “Sprite as a Persona Doll

  1. Columbus Cheetah must be thrilled to have a character join his world! Friends forever. Looking forward to Sprite and Felicity’s Biography Journals! I would think ‘persona dolls’ could play a role in helping 2ekids understand their world; especially paired with explanatory books from Sprite.

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