Sprite to be


Since I wrote the blog posts for Gifted Resources blog and Sprite’s Site about Persona dolls I have been considering buying a 70 cm doll and dressing it as Sprite or sewing a calico doll from scratch. I searched the Internet and found that dolls could be purchased from the UK but it would be quite expensive and possibly take a long time to arrive.
I could purchase a pattern and I have just discovered that we do have a shop in Rosebud where I can get patterns, fabrics and craft supplies.
But God gave me a special blessing today! I walked into an Opportunity Shop which I visit fairly often and, right beside the counter, there she was – hiding her face and just waiting for me!
She cost the same amount as a pattern and must have just arrived as one of the store staff had not known she was there and the other said she was not there last week.
As I carried her through the shopping centre several people stopped me to comment on her, saying they thought I was carrying a real child until they looked closer.

3 thoughts on “Sprite to be

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