The Doll House


Buying Christmas and birthday gifts for Sprite is not easy. She is not a fussy, frilly girly-girl and she does not have the same interests as most girls her own age; so gifts that are popular with children of her age and gender often disappoint her.

In the past Sprite has had unrealistic expectations when compiling her gift wish lists  

And she has received some rather strange and/or unsuitable gifts at times

Intellectual Dabrowski tells Sprite that she should request non-fiction rather than fiction books but Imaginational Dabrowski insists she would really enjoy fiction as well.

She has quite a large collection of soft toys and has assigned characters and back stories to each one but she is not at all interested in dolls. So it was not surprising that she was not very interested in the doll house she was given.

It was empty but had pictures of furniture which could be purchased at much additional expense in the rooms. While Sprite was looking at it and wondering why the house had three bedrooms and no bathroom Intellectual Dabrowski brought her what he claimed was a user’s manual: A doll house – Play by Ibsen.

“Boring!” said Sprite and consigned the house and the book to the corner with the Chindogu gifts and impractical shoes.

Arachnid moved in and set up a web design studio and the Ants made use of the kitchen.


Imaginational Dabrowski noticed Arachnid and the Ants and suggested to Sprite that she should invite the Twitter Birds to paint and decorate the house and that she could add some furniture and create a home for Oliver Moremouse and the other mice.

He hinted that if she installed a miniature topiary tessellation bird leaf tree in the doll house the topiary tree octopus (Octopus Topiarii) might be persuaded to move in also.

So the Doll House is now well used and much loved.

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