Donkeys live a long time 3


I had freed Sprite from her self imposed time in the depressing Naughty Corner and now we were discussing George Orwell’s Animal Farm while we drank hot chocolate and munched biscuits.
“I was thinking about who I would be and what I would do if I were in the story” Sprite said.

“And I worked out who most of the blog characters would be.

Imaginational Dabrowski would be Old Major because Old Major was the one who dreamed of the ideal place Animal Farm could be.

Intellectual Dabrowski would be Snowball but I don’t know who would be Napoleon.

And I don’t know who Farmer Jones is either for that matter!
Isn’t it interesting that I don’t know exactly who the main ‘baddies’ are!

The Black Dogs would be the bullying security force dogs.
And the Pair O Noids would probably be security force dogs too because they tell you that, if you do certain things, bad things will happen to you or your family.

The Twitter Birds are the chickens – they would be quick to rally and stage a protest like the chickens did.

I think Boxer, the faithful workhorse, would be Tortoise – he thinks that everything will work out fine in the end if he just works hard enough. I really admire Tortoise for that!

Emotional Dabrowski would be Clover the caring mare.

I think Molly the vain uppity mare who moved away from the farm could be P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle.

I don’t think we have any ones that correspond to the sheep here on the blog. They all think for themselves. I can’t imagine any of them just bleating slogans they were told to say!

I don’t know who Psycho Motor Dabrowski and Sensual Dabrowski would be. And I don’t know about the Mice or Lobsters either.

Of course Caramel Cat is the Cat. Caramel usually just sleeps in a patch of sunlight.

“And I suppose Eeyore/Benjamin is the Donkey?” I asked.

“Yes” said Sprite “But the Memory Elephant and Columbus Cheetah are also like the Donkey because they have seen and remember how things used to be and have seen changes and even seen things going in and out of fashion and then coming back into fashion again.
But Memory Elephant just remembers and comments like Donkey before Boxer’s death; whereas Columbus keeps on advocating actively and is more like Donkey after Boxer’s death.
I read that George Orwell thought of himself as the Donkey and people used to call him Donkey George”

“Wow! You have really thought deeply about this!” I said “And so who are you in the world of Animal Farm?”

“That is the problem!” said Sprite “I don’t know and it scares me!”

3 thoughts on “Donkeys live a long time 3

  1. Sprite is so insightful, isn’t she? Her depth of knowledge underscores her gifted abilities. She is fortunate to have you to talk her through this, Jo.

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