Gifted @ Play: Calculate your Leisure Profile


The Hoagies Gifted Education Blog Hop for June has the theme Gifted @ Play

“What does “play” mean to gifted kids?  What kinds of play are best? Indoors or outdoors?  Structured or free-play?  Creative play using tools such as Lego, Kapla or Zome?  Exploring nature through geocaching, or exploring gravity through old-fashioned playground equipment?  What kinds of play are favorites of gifted kids, teens and adults?  What kinds of play can gifted families do together? Play is important to us ALL!”

Sprite’s Site is participating in the blog hop and we invite you to have a consultation with the Psych-Owl-Ogist and take the Dabrowski Dogs’ survey in order to calculate your leisure profile.



hoagieshopjune04 hoagieshopjune05

hoagieshopjune06 hoagieshopjune07

hoagieshopjune08 hoagieshopjune09

hoagieshopjune10 hoagieshopjune11


Visit all the posts in the Hoagies Gifted Education Page Gifted @ Play Blog Hop by following the links at


3 thoughts on “Gifted @ Play: Calculate your Leisure Profile

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