Zome Dome NEST Ed Home


“We are ready to greet all the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum May Blog Hop visitors” Retweet told me
“We will be displaying the use of Zometools for the Tips, Toys, Tricks and Tools for Gifted/2E Kids blog hop.”

“Welcome to our Zome Dome NEST Ed Home!” chorused Tweetil and Tweetelle.

Retweet has chosen not to let her two tweetlets fly with the local flock but has chosen to continue to teach them using  NEST Ed – Nest Education System of Training.

I am not surprised that Retweet has chosen to display Zome. I love Zome too!
It can be used to illustrate principles and concepts of maths, especially geometry from simple Platonic solids through to very complex 3D constructions; as well as architecture and engineering, physics and chemistry, art and many other disciplines.

Concepts such as proportion, fractals, symmetry, minimal surfaces, surface tensions, polyhedra, tessellations, trusses, lattices and space frames can be investigated while having great fun playing with Zome.


And then there is Bubbleology!
Blowing bubbles is always fun but it is even more fun when combined with weirdly shaped bubble frames made with Zome.

There are  many Zome teaching units freely available in PDF form on the Zome website at http://www.zometool.com/resources-for-educators/

Playing with zome can lead to learning about so many things!
Geodesic domes, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geodesic_dome
R Buckminster Fuller, http://www.bfi.org/about-fuller
The Eden project http://www.cornwall-online.co.uk/attractions/eden/edenproject.htm

“We will stay here to greet all the visitors,” said Retweet “but please can you go on the blog hop and bring back news of all the tips, tricks, tools and toys that the others are discussing?”

So we are going on the Hop, collecting tips and leaving comments.
If you would like to come on the blog hop with us you can follow the links at http://giftedhomeschoolers.org/blog-hops/special-tips-toys-tricks-tools-gifted2e/


8 thoughts on “Zome Dome NEST Ed Home

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  2. Bubbleology! I am homeschooling a teen, but when he was little, I insisted on using bubbles in our curriculum just because I enjoyed them!

    Interesting! I have never heard of Zometools, but it sounds like something I’m going to check out right away! The beauty of sharing our resources makes us all richer! Thank you!

  3. Well here we are – back from the Blog Hop and we have collected a great selection of tips and strategies! Nice job on the zome dome for the nest, Tweet family!

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