After the March hop


Sprite, Retweet and I have returned from The Gifted Homeschoolers Forum March Blog Hop: Homeschooling (and parenting) Gifted/2E kids into their teens and beyond and we are happily looking through the goodie bags full of resources, ideas and encouragement we collected at each blog.
Retweet is feeling much more positive about continuing NEST Ed with her tweetlets when they become teenagers now!

These are the blogs we visited and the comments we left

Adolesence: A Whole New World ~ Life with Intensity On growth and maturing. Adolescence isn’t so bad in our house. At least so far.

This is a great post Mona – so true that many are “doing the teens” much earlier. It is so great that you are enjoying watching your son grow into adulthood.

Animal Kingdom Hints for Parenting Teenagers ~ Wenda Sheard, J.D. Ph.D. Thoughts on Life & Learning Once upon a time I saw a television documentary on lions. Or tigers. Or maybe bears. The species doesn’t matter. What matters is that the animals in question had sharp claws and scary teeth designed for death.

Thank you, Wenda! These are wise words. We should be preparing our teens for becoming responsible, independent adults able to cope with the difficulties they will encounter in the world

Confessions of a Homeschooled Teenager ~ Jade Ann Rivera

It is very valuable hearing from the student and her parents about the best and worst aspects of home education and includes very helpful advice for parents. Thank you for giving us this great interview!

Homeschooling in the Digital Age ~ Quarks and Quirks Is computer use an issue at your house?

What exciting and challenging times we live in! There are so many and varied opportunities for learning and sharing online. Thank you for sharing your home schooling days with us.

I Like Teenagers ~ Building Wing Span

It is great to see you are looking forward to the teenage years with such a great positive attitude and are already laying such a great foundation!

Musings on Tertiary Options ~ Gluten-Free Mum

Lots of good options among those you have listed! Have you seen this page on the HEN website?

The last few miles of the parenting marathon ~ Laughing at Chaos

I don’t have any home schoolers, teenage or otherwise, left at home any more but I do like the sound of an assistant and unlimited funds and a warm vacation place!

You will survive! They will survive! It will be fine! Breathe in….breathe out….

The Spark That Changed Everything: Homeschooling a Gifted Teen ~ Crushing Tall Poppies The long, slow process of regaining a gifted teenager’s love for learning.

It is so good to see that spark, Celi! Wishing you both all the very best as you continue to keep the spark burning and watch it glow brightly!

The Terrible Truth About Homeschooling Teenagers ~ Defying Gravity It hasn’t been as hard as the young years!

A lovely post, Ingrid – thank you!

Unschooling Tweens… Let the Confusion Begin! ~ A Voracious Mind The unique journey of raising a profoundly gifted tween who has the mind of a brilliant adult trapped in a young child’s body with the emotional regulation of a teenager and the separation anxiety of a preschooler is not for the faint of heart.

Gifted asynchrony personified! Many ages all at once and just when you think you have them worked out – they flip it and change it all. Thanks for a great post, Amy!

Who’s afraid of the terrible teens? ~ Sprite’s Site In which Retweet is scared silly by the thought that her precious tweetlets might turn into strange, objectionable, irresponsible creatures when they become teenagers.

Here we are – back home again. I think Retweet is feeling encouraged by the positive posts and has found some extra resources

Please visit this month’s Blog Hop contributors and leave a comment. Be part of the conversation!

Visitors to Sprite’s Site who have come because of the Best Australian Blogs 2014 competition are also invited to enjoy the blog hop.

To read all the posts from the blogs participating in this blog hop see

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  1. Reblogged this on Red, White & Grew™ with Pamela Price and commented:
    Last week there was a special Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Blog Hop on the topic of homeschooling gifted/2e kids. I missed out on participating as I had a work deadline at the same time, but this wonderful essay my friend Jo is a fabulous introduction and includes a link at the bottom to all of the posts.

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