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Sprite, Retweet and I have enjoyed visiting the posts in the GHF February blog hop: Staying motivated throughout the homeschooling year.
Retweet was excited to see the strategies others had used in order to stay motivated.
Here are the posts we visited. We had difficulty leaving a comment on some of the blogs but here are the comments we made or would have made.

Change is in the Air ~ Chasing Hollyfeld
Loved the theme of making changes in order to maintain interest and motivation – changes of venue, medium and schedule to keep the learning fresh and vibrant

Do I have to??? ~ Defying Gravity
We love this post! It is important not to expect that home schooling will be all sweetness and smiles every day.
And it is great to appreciate and celebrate the learning that is taking place with the photos and the journal entries.
Thank you for showing how to ‘keep it real’, Ingi!

Grey Fog Repellant ~ Building Wing Span
Love this changing of your self talk from the ‘ugh! Fog’ of have to do this to the encouraging I have the opportunity to do this – great fog repellent!

How do you homeschool during the hard parts of the year–and of life? ~ RedWhiteandGrew.com
Loved Pamela’s post about the natural ebb and flow of seasons and attitudes.
I did enjoy this post, thank you Pamela! Melbourne is called the city whose weather gives you all four seasons in one day and sometimes our home schooling felt a bit like that too!

Is It Time to Think About Regular School? ~ Modern Homeschooling
Great post! So much learning happens even when it seems that nothing is happening!

Learning throughout the year – what it looks like for us ~ The Gift of Home
The freedom is the beauty of home schooling! Thank you for this picture of your days!

Motivation, Entropy, and Intelligence ~ Wenda Sheard, J.D. Ph.D. Thoughts on Life & Learning
I agree heartily with you –

“I love the notion that intelligence “prefers to keep options open.” I love thinking that education might someday be less of a mechanism for producing educated adults, and more of a mechanism for helping children keep their options open.”

Thank you for a wonderful post which has given me a lot of food for thought!

Six Ways to Stay Motivated Un/Homeschooling With a 2e and Not Totally Lose it ~ A 2e Fox Revived
Home schooling can be really great for Visual Spatial Learners. I like your suggestions of taking stock of the gains that you are making.

Staying Motivated: Funny From Me, Innit? ~ Homeschooling Hatters
A holiday can be as good as a change for keeping motivated

Staying Motivated Throughout the Homeschool Year ~ Jade Rivera
It was very interesting to read about the micro school for gifted students. And yes, I agree with you that at certain times of the year it is just much harder to remain motivated and work at full pace.

Staying Motivated throughout the Homeschool Year ~ Learn At Every Turn
Don’t be too hard on yourself! Moving is a huge disruption to every part of life! It will take a while to make up what you missed doing during that time but it sounds as if you are so well organized that you will be back on track soon. Maybe the excursions are just what is needed to keep the enthusiasm high.

Staying Motivated Throughout the Homeschool Year ~ Sprite’s Site
Those Twitter Birds look familiar. Oh that’s our place!

Staying motivated throughout the homeschooling year. ~ Christy’s Houseful of Chaos
I really like your 6 tips for staying motivated!

Staying Motivated Throughout the Homeschooling Year: How to Survive. How do you homeschool through sleep deprivation? ~ Gluten-Free Mum

A lot of great strategies and interesting links – thank you for a great post!

Unconditional Unschooling ~ A Voracious Mind
A great post – you are a powerful voice for Unschooling!

When the Going Gets Tough ~ Mr. Curious and Miss Delightful
I loved your point “•Most Importantly: Not Loosing The Joy Of Learning.
The ideology to not require but inspire runs strongly in our homeschooling”
Our children are adults now and the thing that causes me to be so grateful for our homeschooling time is that they have not lost their love of learning!

When the Homeschooling Train Loses Steam ~ Crushing Tall Poppies
I loved this post Celi – it is SO joyful! And I loved the train analogy too.

“You’re Not the Boss of Me!” Who’s in charge: me or the curriculum? ~ Sceleratus Classical Academy
You have some really great ideas for varying their learning experiences – I love the idea of dressing and acting as characters!

Our homeschool motivation is just out of reach…because reasons ~ Laughing at Chaos
Because reasons – I need a tee shirt which says that!
Jen, I love your humour and your honesty and I really love your writing!

This is a post commenting on the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum February 2014 Blog Hop: Staying motivated throughout the homeschool year

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