Saturday December 21: While shepherds watched their flocks by night

Today the emphasis is on verbal communication across barriers of distance, time and even dimensions.
The Twitter Birds Nativity play: Scene 4 The shepherds played out to the strains of the carol While shepherds watched their flocks by night  

Speaks of the news of the birth of Jesus given to the shepherds by the angelic choir

There is also an emphasis of calling home and getting in touch with origins by many different methods.
Imaginational Dabrowski is thinking about how to arrange for Thinks He’s an Alien Black Dog to call home and about the symbolism of the Divine finger tip touch
Oliver Moremouse has a fine mobile phone.
Kiwi and Echidna are trying out the method of using empty Sprite cans connected by a string (which does have an advantage for them of attracting ants to the last drops of liquid)
Sprite is trying to organise for her fish to put in a call to Jo Hart’s fish
She will be talking to her own friends from overseas on Skype.
It is important to arrange a time which suits everybody.
You can use Time and Date Meeting Planner which you can find if you follow the link or scan the QR code

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