Monday December 16: Grown up Christmas list

The folk at Sprite’s Site are making their Christmas wish lists.
The Mail Snails are busy carrying request letters to Mr S. Claus at the North Pole.
Tortoise has a picture of the roller skates he wants. Turtle has less chance of getting his wish fulfilled as he wants to be transformed into Turquoise Turtoise
One Twitter bird is wishing on a Christmas star.
And the Psych Owl Ogist  is pleading for everyone to Give A Hoot about their Christmas wishes and their gift selections.
In the past Sprite has had unrealistic expectations about her gift wish list but we found some wise advice for handling those issues  

But after hearing about Mallory Fundora and her Project Yesu
Sprite’s concerns now are more often for others who are not celebrating and do not receive any gifts.
Sprite now has more of a Grown up Christmas list

She has been selecting some gifts from the World Vision catalogue.
If you would like to read about it you can follow the link  or scan the QR code.




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