Friday December 13: God rest ye merry gentlemen

Today is Friday 13th; so it is not surprising to find that the Pair o Noids and SAD Seasonally Affected Black Dog have come in out of the cold and threatened to put a damper on the visit of the Lobsters and Red Herrings.
FrOG and Outfora Duck think that Beloved Snail is entrée. Beloved Snail, who came to participate in the Lobster Quadrille, believes all will be well if he can just make it past Mean, Mean 13!
Sprite has brought her goldfish to be included in the group photo which the Memory Elephant is taking and either she or the Memory Elephant has just spilled the salt. With the spilled salt, umbrellas open inside the house and the black cat on the ladder outside it is good to be reminded of Good’s power over evil with the stirring
‘God rest ye merry gentlemen’

If you would like to read about Mean, mean 13 follow the link or scan the QR code

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