The Dabrowski Dogs dress up again


This year the Dabrowski Dogs have used glow sticks and glow painted skull caps to dress as skeletons for Halloween.

Intellectual Dabrowski thinks it is an excellent idea but is concerned that their costumes are not completely accurate depictions of the canine skeletal structure.

Sensual is complaining that the glow sticks are not comfortable to wear and is quite sure that his costume smells and sounds green!

Emotional is delighted with her costume. She had wanted to wear a mask like she did in 2011
But she is happy wearing the glow sticks and skull cap because she says it give her a rosy glow!

Imaginational Dabrowski likes his blue glow sticks and is thinking about little Thinks He’s An Alien Black Dog and how they celebrated in 2010 
He is thinking he should share some of his glow sticks with him to cheer him.

And Psycho Motor says it is much easier to bounce in this costume than it was last year when they all dressed as Lobsters

4 thoughts on “The Dabrowski Dogs dress up again

  1. What a hoot! Halloween seems to be the perfect holiday to express over-excitabilities without no one noticing! And what a clever use of glow sticks … everyone one will be safe while on their quest for treats. 😉

    • Personally I don’t celebrate Halloween but I usually have some apples, pears and mini chocolate bars and little greeting cards on hand in case the local children visit.

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