The Twitter Stream 5


It is Work Experience Week at the Twitter Stream and both the Tweet family and the Promoted family have gone to show their tweetlets what work at the Twitter Stream entails.

For the final demonstration a Twitter chat with participants from around the world was organised to illustrate the use of the regular #chats, the advantages of a PLN (Professional Learning Network or Personal Learning Network) and also to show the differing time zones around the world.

The large screen was displaying a map of the world showing Greenwich Mean Time /UTC time and various time zones. Another screen was assigned to the Twitter chat

The chat moderator asked all the participants to introduce themselves and tell where they were located in the world and their local time. Within moments tweets appeared from Angus McTvitter in Scotland, Van Tweet in Holland, U.A.R. Tweeter in the United Arab Emirates, Aussie Tweet in Australia and Tweetin Texan in the U.S.A.
The Moderator’s local time was 12.00 noon and the local times for the participants varied from 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.00 the same day and the Australian at 9.00am the following day.

The Tweetlets were amazed and impressed!

Retweet found inspiration for topics to cover in their NEST Ed Geography studies and also made some interesting new connections she could add to her PLN for sharing information and encouragement.

The Work Experience Week definitely achieved the goal of giving tweetlets an experience of work at the Twitter Stream.

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