The Twitter Stream 3


It is Work Experience Week at the Twitter Stream and both the Tweet family and the Promoted family have gone to show their tweetlets what work at the Twitter Stream entails.

A simulation exercise of a Fail Whale Removal was staged in order to promote interest in the Emergency Services as a career path for tweetlets. Barrow Bird demonstrated how to run out the carry away net. RunRun Bird handed out helium balloons shaped like Emergency Services workers to the tweetlets. Promoted donned an orange hardhat and explained that sometimes when an excessive number of tweets were put into the Twitter Stream a Fail Whale would swim into the stream from the ocean and clog it. When that happened it was the duty of the Emergency Services workers to place carry away nets around the whale and take it back out to the ocean before it became completely beached.

(“Beached az… Bro!” interjected a heckler with a Kiwi accent.)

Tweetil was very excited by the display and said that if he could not be Leader of the Great Migrations he would like to be a Twitter Emergency Services worker.

But Tweetelle’s reaction took almost everyone by surprise.
“Why isn’t anyone looking after the whale?” she asked. She ran to the lemonade stand and grabbed one of the jugs and started to pour water over the Fail Whale.

After the demonstration of the removal of the Fail Whale Tweetelle was still upset.
“Why don’t they fix the entrance to the Twitter Stream so that even if more tweets are put in it will not open the stream to the sea and let the whale in?” she demanded. “And why is the whale being treated as a villain to be removed rather than a victim who has to the rescued?”

Retweet was not surprised at Tweetelle’s emotional reaction or by the very different viewpoint she was expressing. She remembered the quote about the nature of giftedness from Annemarie Roeper which the Psych Owl Ogist had shown her.


“We could talk to a software engineer about it. Maybe we could do some problem solving projects about it in our NEST Ed” Retweet said.

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