The Twitter Stream


An important aspect of education is preparing the students for their future careers and the work experience component of the Careers subject can give the students a taste of what it would be like to work in a particular field.
Sometimes if students have been given radical acceleration they are studying the Careers subject before they are legally old enough to participate in the work experience.

It is Work Experience Week at the Twitter Stream and both the Tweet family and the Promoted family have gone to show their tweetlets what work at the Twitter Stream entails. The tweetlets who are doing work experience are shown how to gather posts (tweets) from all the @posts and all the #hashtags and all the links and tip them into the Twitter Stream. They are told it does not matter whether the #hashtags were put in the upper case or in the lower case they are all to be tipped into the Twitter Stream.

Promoted and Trending are eager to show their tweetlets Promoted Jnr and Popular how celebrities and entrepreneurs use the Twitter Stream and what type of careers they could pursue using Twitter.

Tweetil and Tweetelle are not quite old enough to work and Tweet and Retweet are more interested in investigating the use of Twitter for developing a PLN for educational collaboration to assist them with their NEST Ed.
When they are asked what careers they would like to follow Tweetil usually says he wants to be a Leader of the Great Migrations and to play the drums or else to be a pirate and Tweetelle says she wants to be a famous artist or a caterpillar curator.
Great Aunt Hashtag used to work at the Twitter Stream. She is now retired and proudly displaying her long service golden hashtag hatpin.
She is keen for the tweetlets to follow in her steps and work at the Twitter Stream although she tells everyone quite stridently that work at the Twitter Stream is not what it was ‘in her day – what with all these new fangled ideas’.

5 thoughts on “The Twitter Stream

  1. What a clever post! Accelerated and promoted! And where else would ‘twitter’ birds be trained to work at besides Twitter? They may have their avocations, but it seems they were born to tweet! I hope some tweetlets learn the art of keeping the ‘Fail Whale’ far away from Twitter as well as rogue hashtags! When Twitter first began, talks of ‘etiquette’ were quite visible on Twitter. Perhaps, Retweet could teach a class in Twitter Etiquette … as a homeschooler she could offer it as a Homeschool Cooperative class to reach as many young Twitter birds as possible? Just a thought …

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